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What is an Internship?

An internship is a temporary work experience offered by an employer to give students and graduates exposure to the working environment. The objectives, qualifications and experiences of an intern often relates to their field of study.

An internship is not employment, but rather a learning experience undertaken during an intern’s education.

An intern might be local or international. Local candidates often stem from New Zealand Universities or tertiary level institutions and either require an internship to graduate or are simply looking for post-graduation work experience to get their foot in the door of an industry. As for our international candidates, New Zealand’s worldwide reputation as a quality destination to complete an internship is bringing increased numbers from Europe, the UK and the United States. These candidates are studying at some of the best Universities in the world and come with the desire for practical experience and require University credits in their related field of study.

Internships are quickly becoming the bridge between study and work. Taking on an intern is doing a service to the future of today’s student’s as they transform into tomorrow’s workforce. Let your company Connect With Our Future, develop and grow with the help of an intern.

Guidelines for an Internship company

Hosting an intern is completely legal in New Zealand if you do it according the guidelines of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. They have defined lawful unpaid work to include work trials, volunteer work, work experience and internships. Unpaid work is lawful if it is a genuine work experience, vocational placement or volunteering arrangement. The guidelines of an appropriate unpaid internship can be found on the website of Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment.

Guidelines MBIE;

I’m not classed as an employee. I can help you with:

  • freeing up your time
  • doing one-off jobs
  • charity work or anything that might give me new experiences or skills.

I should have from you:

  • any training that is required to do the task
  • a record of when I worked for you
  • a written agreement that explains this is an unpaid internship/volunteer position only, what the nature of my work is, and how long we’ve agreed it should last.

When you host an intern through New Zealand Internships, you can be assured that we are fully compliant with these guidelines.

Benefits of hosting

Why should you host an intern at your company? Being a host does not only gives the intern an amazing opportunity to develop, learn and work in New Zealand, but it brings a wide range benefits to your company as well.

As a host company, you will have the confidence that interns who participate in our program are qualified in their field and motivated to deliver. Over 99% of our candidates successfully completes their internship. The intern’s fresh perspectives, views and new ideas can revitalize you and your employees.  More and more host companies across New Zealand are finding that hosting interns a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience. Many of our host employers tell us that they learn as much as they teach. Some of the top reasons our 1200+ host companies are offering internships include:

  • The possibility to connect to the latest graduate talent pool with up-to-date knowledge, new perspectives and fresh ideas;
  • A recognition that students are struggling to get a foot in the door without any work experience and the wish therefor to give upcoming talent a start in their careers;
  • The interns are unpaid – their experience focuses on achieving learning outcomes under the guidelines of MBIE;
  • The opportunity to offer training, mentoring and management skills for their staff;

(International) interns and trainees are also:

  • Passionate and motivated
  • Committed and reliable
  • Creative and analytical
  • Adaptable and solution focussed
  • Able to intern independently and as part of a team

Lost’s of our host companies find that they had such a wonderful experience that they continue to host interns through our program again and again.

Host an intern

Hosting an intern is easier than you might think. New Zealand Internships, the countries leading internship provider looks after the entire process from start to finish. We focus solely on placements in NZ, meaning we have developed strong relationships with some of the world’s best universities. This guarantees you a large pool of intern talent from which to select.

Intern New Zealand with host organisation

Your organisation can host an intern from $0,-
(that’s right, zero dollar’s) per week.

Hire an intern


“They are talented with fresh ideas, a motivation to succeed and are very keen to see measurable results from their work. Our clients have been impressed with the quality of their output and their willingness to fit into their teams”.

Over 85% of our host businesses take on multiple interns per year, often starting in one area where they have an “educational” project available and then expanding their intake across different departments.

Our placement process

Our placement process is focused on finding the perfect match for your company. The process from application to having enthusiastic and skilled young professionals in your office is done in a few simple steps.







Why work with us?

New Zealand Internships (NZI) is proud to be recognised as the leader of internship program providers in New Zealand.

Our internship programs offer great benefits to companies in New Zealand. We make it easy and affordable to tap into the talents of our next generation from not only New Zealand, but from around the world.

Every aspect of our program has been thoroughly examined and checked for compliance with New Zealand’s current employment and tax legislation. When you host an intern through New Zealand Internships, you can be assured that we are fully compliant with the MBIE guidelines.

New Zealand Internships Full service package


As a verified and accredited internship provider we approve only the most qualified candidates, screening each applicant for capability, motivation, and English level, before accepting him/her into our program. We provide a profile, highlighting qualification, skills and any relevant work experience. For our international candidates ensure that he or she is qualified to receive a suitable Visa to come into New Zealand.


Hassle free

Getting an intern through New Zealand Internships guarantees you a hassle free experience. Active since 2007 and having successful assisted thousands of interns to find a place within New Zealand companies, we know precisely how to successfully arrange an internship. We will fully assist your company and our interns. From overseeing visa/insurance and accommodation arrangements to looking after their social well-being through regularly scheduled trips & activities.


Our international students and professionals from overseas bring a variety of cross-cultural benefits to your workplace – including in many cases, foreign languages. With different cultural backgrounds, education, experience, and insights compared to your local employees, they will bring an invaluable new perspective to your company.


We offer many different options to suit your business including remote, part time, full time and different length of placement from short term- 8 weeks, to longer term which is 6-8 months.

Some of our candidates are available to start within the month, and others apply well in advance so that they can lock in their placement and make plans. This way you can accomodate project work or plan ahead.


Your organisation can host an intern from $0,- (that’s right, zero dollar’s) per week.

Interns can prove valuable in getting special projects or research off the ground. Equally, your current staff could be freed up for tasks where higher-level, strategic thinking or expertise is required. The net result is a significant increase in workplace productivity.

Experience and support

NZI has been providing  intern opportunities since 2007. We have a thorough understanding of all the regulations and procedures involved in international internships, including our volunteer contracts which are written by lawyers to protect you and your business. Our processes keep evolving to make our systems as simple and beneficial to our customers as possible. Our preference is that you tell us who you are looking for, so we can find the ideal candidate to place in your company. We prefer the personalised approach.

  • We are offering support throughout the entire program for all our employers and interns.

For our (International) candidates our services also include:

  • Pre-arrival advice for accommodation, airport pick up, insurance and visa’s;
  • Providing our interns with an orientation to life in New Zealand;
  • Assistance with paperwork such as 18+cards and drivers license;
  • Connecting them socially by organising dinners, activities and trips with others to try and reduce the impact for things such as homesickness and settling in.

Supporting a Wide Range of Industries

New Zealand Internships specialises in recruiting interns and trainees in a variety of fields, including:

  • Advertising & Communication
  • Business, Marketing & Sales
  • Journalism & Public Relations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • LogisticsArchitecture
  • Engineering
  • Law & Legal
  • Information technology
  • Hospitality
  • Social Work
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Education & Teaching
  • And many more.

Apply to host an intern with your company

The process from application to having enthusiastic and skilled young professionals in your office is done in a few simple steps. If you are interested in hosting an Intern and begin creating value for your Company, then please fill out the form below.