New Zealand Internships – Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are part of the agreement between the Candidate and New Zealand Internships operating under Intern Limited (hereafter referred to as NZI).

Upon submitting an application for an internship and/or upon acceptance into an internship programme, a Candidate hereby confirms that they have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and that they agree to these Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

1.1   Candidate – A natural person that applies for an internship through NZI.

1.2   Candidate Profile – A short description of the profile (name, address, education, experience, etc) of a Candidate that has been filled in and has been placed on NZI’s website by means of the electronic profile form.

1.3   Contact Information – Name, address information, and other contact information (such as phone number and e-mail address) of both the Candidate and the Host Organisations.

1.4   CV – The curriculum vitae of a Candidate that has been filled in and posted on NZI’s website by means of an electronic CV form and/or as an attachment to the Candidate Profile

1.5   Host Organisation – Person or organisation that needs to find an applicant for an internship or work experience within its own organisation or in case of intermediary, within the organisation of its constituent.

1.6   Internship – A work experience on a volunteer basis with a Host Organisation. The relationship between the Candidate and Host Organisation is not one of employment.

1.7   Personal Information – Information that identifies a Candidate or which can identify a Candidate.

1.8   Website – NZI’s website ( and/or partner sites.

2. Application process

2.1   Candidates must be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and be able to obtain a valid visa to undertake, and for the duration of, the internship in the country where the internship takes place.  It is the responsibility of the Candidate to ensure that they have the correct visa.

2.2   The Candidate is responsible for obtaining permission to undertake the internship from their educational institution (if applicable).

2.3   Upon signing up to NZI on the website, the Candidate immediately receives login details to access NZI’s Candidate Platform.

2.4   The Candidate is then able to login and access their Candidate Platform which contain information on how to pay the deposit (NZD$250.00) and the non-refundable administration fee (NZD$75.00).  The Candidate must pay the deposit and administration fee before accessing NZI’s services.

2.5   Once the deposit and non-refundable administration fee are paid by the Candidate, NZI will send a request to the Candidate to submit a Candidate Profile.

2.6   The Candidate is responsible for enclosing correct and complete information in their Candidate Profile through the Candidate Platform.  This profile includes an up-to-date CV, a professional photograph, and cover letter.   The Candidate agrees that their Candidate Profile will be shared with third parties and on the website.

2.7    Following submission of the Candidate Profile by the Candidate, NZI will begin searching for an acceptable internship with a Host Organisation by contacting Host Organisations directly and by putting the Candidate Profile on the website.  When a potential Host Organisation indicates that there might be an internship opportunity, NZI will inform the Candidate about this as soon as possible.

2.8    In the event that a potential internship opportunity is found, NZI will generally arrange an interview between the Candidate and the potential Host Organisation.  NZI will inform the Candidate as soon as possible in the event that the interview results in an internship offer from the potential Host Organisation.

2.9    The Candidate has the option to either accept or decline the placement offer. If the Candidate wants to decline a possible internship, they must provide a valid reason to NZI.  Declining a placement because the Candidate found one by themselves will not be seen as a valid reason.  In the event the Candidate declines the placement offer with a valid reason, NZI will endeavor to find the Candidate another placement offer.

2.10  When an offer for an internship is made, and accepted, NZI will provide a personalised quote for the placement fee to the Candidate.  Once this is paid in full, NZI will facilitate the signing of an internship agreement with the Candidate and the Host Organisation.

2.11   When the Candidate signs the internship agreement with the Host Organisation, the contract supersedes all prior agreements.  These Terms and Conditions will continue to apply unless otherwise stated in any other agreement signed by the parties.

2.12   Once the internship agreement has been signed by NZI, the Host Organisation and the Candidate, the contractual relationship between NZI and the parties involved will come to an end, unless for aspects expressly stated in the agreement or in these Terms and Conditions.

2.13    NZI reserves, at all times, the right to decline Candidates who are deemed unsuitable for an internship.  NZI cannot guarantee an internship for every Candidate and cannot be held accountable for any reason if an internship is unable to be secured.

2.14    The Candidate agrees that their personal information will be shared with third parties in order to provide the requested services.

2.15    The information given by Candidates might be altered by NZI slightly.  The Candidate is permitted to access their information and to make amendments. These amendments are only permitted when it is in the interest of fulfilling the service.

3. Payment

3.1      By signing up to NZI, the Candidate agrees to pay the deposit and the non-refundable administration fee.

3.2      In the event NZI is not successful in finding an internship for the Candidate, the deposit will be returned to the Candidate only in the circumstances set out in Section 4 below. This payment condition does not apply to Candidates who have signed up to NZI at one of NZI’s local agent offices.

3.3      If a Candidate accepts a placement offer, the Candidate will receive a personalised quote for the placement.  The Candidate must pay the full placement fee, as quoted, to NZI for its work in finding and securing an internship for the Candidate.  When NZI has confirmed that the full placement fee has been paid, NZI will facilitate the signing of the internship agreement between the Host Organisation and the Candidate.

3.4      The full placement fee must be paid within 10 days after the invoice date.

3.5      If the Candidate fails to pay the full placement fee within 10 days after the invoice date, NZI will send a reminder that has to be responded to within 5 days.  If the Candidate does not respond to this reminder within 5 days, NZI has the right to charge a NZD$50.00 administration fee for seeking payment of the full placement fee. If the full placement fee and the administration fee are not paid within 7 days of the reminder, NZI reserves the right to terminate the internship.

3.6      The Candidate is liable for all legal and related incidental costs incurred by NZI in the recovery of all amounts owing as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions.

3.7      Any price quotes communicated by NZI are at their absolute discretion and can be subject to change. While NZI endeavours to the best of their abilities to prevent mis-quotes for reasons of typing accuracy, such errors cannot be honoured.

4. Refund Policy

4.1      If NZI fails to find an internship before the Candidate’s given deadline (with a minimum duration of 4 weeks from the date NZI has received the Candidate’s profile), NZI will provide the Candidate with a refund of the deposit minus an administration fee of NZD$75.00

4.2      NZI will not refund the deposit in the following circumstances if the Candidate:

(a)       has failed to complete their Candidate Profile within 3 weeks from when NZI requests this.

(b)       decides to withdraw from the application process without a legitimate reason.

(c)       finds an internship or work experience position themselves before the Candidate’s given deadline (with a minimum duration of 4 weeks from the date NZI has received the Candidate’s Profile) has not been reached.

(d)       finds an internship or work experience position themselves while they knew NZI was still working on their internship placement.

(e)       does not reply to emails which may affect the search process. Candidates are requested to reply within 48 hours. If a Candidate has not replied within  5 days, the search process will be affected and NZI may not be able to continue with processing the application.

(f)        has declined an offer that matches the requirements they have given NZI.

(g)       discloses information or engages in conduct during the application process that warrants them unsuitable or undesirable, such as requesting payment for an internship during an interview, declining an internship because it is unpaid or disclosing that there are restrictions on an internship location.

(h)       has failed to provide evidence from their educational institution that an internship NZI has arranged meets the educational institution’s requirements

(i)        if somewhere in the Candidate’s application they have provided false or misleading information.

4.3      NZI will consider a refund on the deposit in circumstances such as bereavement, illness or similar.

4.4      If an internship placement is unsuccessful due to the actions of NZI, the Candidate will be entitled to a (partial or full) refund of any program fees.

4.5      The Candidate is responsible for their own bank charges in relation to the processing of the deposit and/or full placement fees. In the event of NZI being charged such fees, the Candidate will be invoiced for any such bank fees after the charges are incurred by NZI.

5. Paid Internship

Both the Host Organisation and the Candidate agree that the Candidate will be a volunteer during the course of the internship.  If the Host Organisation decides to provide the Candidate with payment, such an agreement will not involve NZI and will solely be between the Candidate and the Host Organisation.

6. NZI Support Services

6.1.  NZI will direct a Candidate to Immigration New Zealand’s website where a Candidate can obtain information about obtaining a visa. NZI is not responsible or involved in any aspects with regards to the visa application process and all responsibility solely rests with the Candidates themselves. NZI will not be held accountable in any way in the event a visa is declined.  All costs relating to the visa application process are the responsibility of the Candidate.

6.2   NZI will provide suitable housing for the Candidate if requested and available, however, in the event that the arranged housing is not to the liking of the Candidate, NZI is not responsible to provide an alternative accommodation.

7. Activities

7.1   Once a Candidate is successfully placed in an internship, they may participate in social activities organised by NZI.  There is an Early Bird Rate if Candidates sign up quickly after an activity has been announced. Before joining any of the activities, a Candidate is required to sign the liability waiver for NZI.

7.2  When a Candidate signs up for an activity, they must pay for the activity within 7 days by bank transfer, Paypal or cash at an NZI office.

7.3   If a Candidate decides to not attend an activity more than two weeks before the activity is scheduled, they will be entitled to a refund of the activity fee minus $50NZD administration fee.

7.4   If a Candidate decides not to attend an activity within two weeks before the activity is scheduled, they will be entitled to a refund of the activity fee minus 25% of the activity fee (with a minimum of $50NZD).

7.5   If a Candidate decides not to attend an activity less than a week before the activity is scheduled, they will be entitled to a refund of the activity fee minus a 50% (with a minimum of $50NZD).

7.6   In the event NZI cancels an activity because of unforeseen circumstances, NZI will inform Candidates as soon as possible and they will receive a full refund.

7.7    In the event that during a weekend trip certain activities have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances NZI will arrange alternative activities.  A refund of the price difference will be paid (in the form of a discount voucher) by NZI to Candidates if the alternative activity turns out to be cheaper than the planned activity.

7.8    If a Candidate does not show up or arrive late to the activity, NZI will continue its trip without the Candidate and reserves the right to deny any claims for a refund. Candidates are responsible for arriving on time at the appointed departure point.

8. Responsibility and Disclaimer

8.1   If a party does not adhere to these Terms and Conditions, this party is obliged to pay for all the resulting direct and indirect damages (including additional costs and legal costs).

8.2   This Clause does not interfere with the right of NZI to start any other claims against the other party, including claiming the right to take other legal measures, such as dissolving the contract without legal interference.

8.3   NZI is not liable for any damages or losses:

(a)   incurred by the Host Organisation as a result of the placement of the Candidate and/or if Candidate does not act in accordance with the contract made with the Host Organisation.

(b)   incurred by the Host Organisation or a third party as a result of a Candidate who does not have the required diploma or other proof of competence.

(c)   as a result of an incorrect selection of a Candidate by the Host Organisation, or otherwise as a result of an incorrect selection of an internship by the Candidate.

(d)   as a result of the unavailability or disturbance of the website or the facilities of an internet provider and/or telecommunication provider.

(e)   as a result of a computer hack or Cyber Attack.

8.4   NZI is not liable or responsible for arranging a replacement internship for the Candidate if the Candidate does not fulfill their tasks sufficiently or if a Candidate does not keep adhering to the contract.

9. Personal Information

9.1   The used and provided personal information of a Candidate is confidential and will at all times be the responsibility of NZI.

9.2   Personal information will only be used by NZI to achieve the aim for which it was provided by a Candidate.

9.3   Personal information will be kept in perpetuity in NZI’s Database for the purpose of recordkeeping, however, this information will at all times be protected and is only accessible to authorised persons. NZI trains both authorised persons and representatives how to correctly and carefully use personal information.

10. Intellectual property rights

All author rights, brand rights, business rights and all other intellectual property rights based on software, the website, the services of NZI, the information on the website (excluding possible author rights on the content of a Candidate’s Profile, vacancies, logos, brands and other information on the website, for which the Host Organisation gives NZI non-exclusive user rights) are only given by NZI and/or its licence.

11. Confidentiality

11.1   All Candidates agree to keep confidential all information relating to Host Organisations they have interviewed with and/or interned with.

11.2  All Candidates agree to keep confidential all information owned by, o in the possession of NZI, that is not in the public domain and which NZI reasonably regards as private.

11.3  This confidentiality requirement applies at all times during the application process and/or during an internship and/or after the internship has ended.

12. Legally-bidning electronic agreements

All parties concerned agree that electronically established agreements and electronically sent information are legally binding in case of a legal procedure.

13. Severability

If at least one of the Clauses in these Terms and Conditions is deemed to be invalid or unlawful, the other Clauses will keep their validity. The Clause(s) that are not valid or applicable will be replaced by Clause(s) that are similar and valid.

14. Length of the Agreement and Adjustments

14.1   Agreements with NZI are valid for an undetermined period, unless the agreement specifically states differently. Cancellation is possible by both a Candidate and NZI, subject, to the definitions stated in any agreement between both parties.

14.2   NZI has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Any changes made will be posted on the website in the form of an updated Terms and Candidate. Candidates will not be individually notified of any changes. We recommend Candidates read the Terms and Conditions monthly.  If a Candidate does not agree with any change, they have the right to inform NZI (by email or post) within 30 days after the change.

15. Governing Law

15.1   Agreements with NZI are managed and controlled by the law of New Zealand.

15.2   If a conflict appears with NZI regarding the use and services outlined on the website, the parties will try to solve the problem personally before contacting a third party. If the parties do not solve the problem personally, the conflict will be forwarded to an independent mediation group.