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New Zealand Internships provides a wide range of work experience and internship jobs throughout New Zealand. With new internship opportunities constantly becoming available.  If you cannot find your dream Internship in our listings, please do not hesitate to contact us – we specialise in the finding of customised Internship placement’s that suit your needs.

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Acting internships in New Zealand
Acting Internships
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Advertising Internships
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Information per industrie


We are able to organise communication and advertising work experience and internship placements in multiple areas. Communication interns are responsible for moderating internal and external communications throughout the organisation and the target market. Interns in the advertising industry are responsible for the promotion of certain brands, products or services to potential customers. Read more


Work experience and internship placement at architecture firms, construction and planning companies provide an in-depth experience to individuals interested in this industry. An architecture intern can work as an assistant project manager along with assist qualified architecture professionals on urban, landscape, residential and commercial projects. The intern will be supporting architects designing buildings and other structures. Read more


Interns in business, sales and marketing will support and work aside project managers, dealing with both international and local brands. The intern will contribute with new marketing strategies and assist with branding techniques, evolving media and many more. Read more

DESIGN Internships

We can provide work experience and internship placements in the specific field of design the intern is interested in. This is a wide-ranged sector where there are a variety of design internship opportunities. For example, you can unleash your creativity through an internship in web design, product design, graphic design, and many more. Generally, an internship in design means to design or create graphics and layouts to meet specific commercial or promotional needs. Read more


Through education and teaching work experience or internship, the intern will have the opportunity to work as a team trainer, staff motivator, teacher, or human resources manager. Internships in education or teaching require excellent soft and social skills along with the willingness to have close contact with both adults and children. Interest in human psychology is ideal. Read more


Within an engineering internship the intern assists as an analyst, developer and an electronic programmer. Potential engineering internship areas are automotive engineering, medical technology, automation, telecommunication, aviation, aerospace and environment monitoring. Engineering interns will have the opportunity to learn how to implement structures, machines, systems and processes. Read more


Environmental work experience as well as animal internships are available in different areas of New Zealand’s economy. An environmental intern will have the opportunity to experience multiple areas in natural resource fields such as: air quality, land use, water and waste management, assisting in creating “green energy” plans for solar, wind, wave, geothermal and bio-fuels energy markets. Animal internships are based within working directly with animals. Examples include: working as an animal carer, wildlife technician or nurse at animal hospitals. Read more


An Event and Facility Intern has a variety of responsibilities which creates a challenging and rewarding experience. Generally, a facility and event manager will perform a wide-range of tasks aimed for planning and executing events such as weddings, meetings, parties and festivals. A New Zealand facility and event intern will be involved in every aspect of the event, from the initial brainstorming to dismantling the space following the occasion. Read more


Finance work experience and internships in accounting provide a variety of experiences the intern can learn from. The intern can assist in organisations with accounting, banking, private equity, growth capital, venture capital, finance research and analysis, portfolio management, asset management and financial consulting. An accounting or finance internship offers an incredible opportunity to gain real-world experience in the high-stakes finance industry of New Zealand. Read more


We are able to offer a wide range of hospitality work experience and internship placements ranging from internationally acclaimed fine dining restaurants and five-star hotels to new hip cafes and boutique hotels. Generally, a hospitality internship incorporates the generous act of providing kindness and care to your guests. Being a hospitality intern requires friendliness, politeness, patience and good organising skills. Read more


The New Zealand Internships program provides international students with a human resources work experience in New Zealand. Before we can schedule interviews with our network of HR internships companies you must first apply and be accepted to our internship program. Read more


New Zealand’s information technology industry has multiple opportunities for specific IT internships. Depending on your study focus and interests, we will find the right New Zealand IT work experience that fits your requirements and wishes. Gain hands-on experiences in software development, web programming, database support or network administration. Read more


A journalism and/or public relations intern assists with common activities within a firm/office; this includes attending conferences, working with the press, doing interviews, writing articles and publishing gained information and material. At yourpublic relations or journalism internship you will assist gathering news along with preparing articles and reports for newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television or do employee communication for certain companies. Read more

LAW & LEGAL Internships

A legal and law internship enables the intern to work alongside lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys and legal assistants. The intern will work in an environment where professionalism, responsiveness, creativeness and teamwork are paramount. The New Zealand law and legal intern may assist in all aspects of litigation, including legal research, factual investigation, and drafting of memoranda and briefs, while also helping with policy research, client counselling, and the development of public education materials. Read more

LOGISTICS Internships

Find the perfect logistics work experience or internship placement with New Zealand Internships. The logistics industry revolves around the flow management of goods between the producer and the final destination in order to meet the requirements of partners and customers. Possible internship positions in logistics are logistic officer assistant, materials planning manager, import and export administration assistant or operation manager. Read more


An intern in the music, art and photography industry has an outstanding opportunity to develop their creativity in their preferred industry. The intern will gain hands-on experience and learn how to turn a hobby into a profession while completing an internship in music, art or photography abroad in New Zealand. Read more

Research & health work experience

New Zealand Internships can connect you with companies for research & health internships. You can do research in numerous industries and subjects. Examples for research internship areas consist of science research, economic research, research in engineering and national and international market research. Read more

RETAIL & FASHION Internships

An internship in retail and fashion creates the opportunity for an intern to break into the industry in NZ. We organise fashion and retail internship placements throughout New Zealand. The working environment for a retail intern is commonly in retail establishments such as stores and shops with walk-in customers. Common retail internship positions are assistant manager, customer service manager, merchandiser, store supervisor and sales assistant. Read more


Science & Biology internship placements enable the intern to assist scientists in their daily tasks. The internship job duties depend on the area of science in which the intern’s interest lies along with the appropriately paired science company/scientist’s specialties. The science branches are commonly divided into the two main groups, natural science and social science. These branches develop into specific areas of science which include: physics science, chemistry science, biology science, human behaviour science, economy science and education science. Related science internship branches such as engineering science, medicine science and computer science are also an internship option. Read more

SOCIAL WORK Internships

Gain practical social work experiences in a childcare internship, elder care internship or internship about caring for disabled. Furthermore, job duties may include working with people who are socially excluded, people with alcohol or other addictions, as well as teenagers with mental health problems. Throughout your social work internship you will assist nurses, street workers, along with accomplish daily social work tasks. Read more

SPORT Internships

New Zealand is known for its variety of sports and competitive nature. New Zealand hosts a variety of sporting activities such as rugby, white water rafting, sky diving, golf, cricket, surfing, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and many more! What better place to complete a sport related internship than in the country that won the 2011 Rugby World Cup? The New Zealand industry offers many different sport internship opportunities. Internships in diving, personal training or sport management are all exciting possibilities for an intern with a passion for adventure and exercise. Interns can also complete their internship at a diving base, fitness centre or a sport activities planning agency. With sky diving being a popular sport in New Zealand, the sky is NOT the limit for your internship. Read more

TOURISM & TRAVEL Internships

As a tourism intern you will be involved in a variety of tasks which are designed to take advantage of your unique skills and who you are as an individual. The tourism industry combines Marketing, Advertising, Human Resources, Business Management and New Zealand Tour Consulting. You will work in an environment that is both multicultural and international. Furthermore, you can do your travel and tourism internship as a travel agent, holiday representative, hostel staff member or as a cruise ship entertainer. Read more