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Our Professional Internship Program allows candidates the unique opportunity to achieve a valuable work experience in almost any industry across New Zealand. It is designed both for those completing an Internship as part of their study (for which you will receive academic credits), or for those wishing to gain work exposure in their field of interest.

An Internship is an excellent way to gain the skills and experience required to launch your career. All placements are un-paid positions. They are available at any time of the year and their duration, location and other specifics are left entirely up to you.


You might not be able to intern full time, but would still like to boost your career opportunities and give yourself a valuable work experience addition to your CV. Part-time professional internships are offered across all our industries. This is a perfect option for New Zealanders and candidates already in New Zealand on a Student- or Working Holiday Visa. If you hold another visa and wish to be participate within our part-time program, please contact us for further information.

Candidates can work between 10 and 20 hours per week (for 12 weeks minimum) on fixed days and / or during set hours. Exact details will be confirmed with your approval during our placement negotiations. For more details please contact [email protected]

“Study and Intern at the same time!”


Found yourself unable to travel to go to an internship placement?

Don’t worry, we have the perfect programme for you. Remote Internships allows you to carry out work experience in a company, from the comfort of your own home and in the timeframe that suits your availability.

What if you need to go to school, or work another job at the same time? It doesn’t matter… because you are not in the office, you can ensure that you fit the project work around your schedule. As long as you have access to the internet you can work from anywhere


Program highlights

  • Academic Credit Available;
  • For both Local & International candidates;
  • Positions in all cities across New Zealand;
  • Part time or Full time;
  • Flexible search based on your requirements: start date, duration and studies;
  • Placements take between 4-6 weeks with a 90% placement rate. Apply early;
  • All positions are (generally) unpaid work experiences

Included in our programs

  • Professional Internship Placement customised to your specific needs
  • CV/resume writing help and templates
  • Interview preparation advice
  • Internship legal agreement to protect your rights as an Intern
  • Designated Internship coordinator
  • 24/7 help desk
  • A completion certificate

If you are an International Candidate coming to New Zealand we highly recommend you make use of our popular Service Package. Offering a range of services that helps with your pre-arrival, arrival, Internship, life and departure in New Zealand.”

To be eligible for our Program you must:

  • Be aged 18-30;
  • Have Upper intermediate – Advanced English language skills. If you do not feel confident we can arrange an English course for you;
  • Have the financial security to support your stay. Write a budget and check New Zealand’s living costs (not needed for our remote program);
  • Have a valid visa. Please submit an application for a free visa eligibility check (not needed for our remote program).

Benefits of an internship

  • Build a CV that truly stands out from the crowd
  • Develop professional skills, identity and real world experience
  • Get a wide variety of duties and responsibilities
  • Create a network of New Zealand business contacts

For our international candidates coming to New Zealand…

  • Travel and make friends with our other interns
  • Greatly improve your English skills
  • Receive study credits – meet your oversea’s academic requirements
  • Explore beautiful New Zealand – Ranked as one of the best and safest countries

Enjoy a risk free experience

  • Designated Internship placement coordinator
  • Internship agreement to protect your legal rights
  • Money back guarantee on your deposit if we fail to find you a placement
  • Internship progress monitoring, feedback sessions and customer service
  • Internship replacement service in the event an internship is cancelled for reasons beyond your control


Application process

Our motivated and passionate team have organised placements for thousands of candidates from across the world – all having left with a rewarding and quality experience. The stories and feedback we receive can attest to this.

“It’s not just the internship, it’s also the additional services we offer”


Completely free to Apply

Easy 5-minute online application

A Skype interview may be arranged if you are an overseas candidate

Our team will assess if we can help


If your application is approved there is a high likelihood of success

You will be given a quote for our Program fee

Place your risk-free deposit so we can begin your search

Safe, secure and money-back guarantee if we we are unable to find an Internship


Send us your Profile (CV, Cover letter & Photo)

The placement team will match your profile and requirements with those of a companies

An interview (Skype or face-to-face) with a relevant company will be arranged


Following a successful interview, you will be offered an internship position

Both parties will sign a legal agreement that protects your rights as an intern

The remaining Internship program fee’s are owed (Minus the deposit)


Enjoy full pre-internship preparation support

For our international candidates this includes help with arranging Visa, Accommodation, Flights, Insurance and more…

Come to our office for an Orientation and invites for Activities


Begin your internship work experience at your new company

Gain skills, work exposure and improve your CV

Seriously kickstart your career in the right direction with an Internship New Zealand


Request a free quote

New Zealand Internships are an internship provider charging a fee for the finding, arranging and managing of a candidates internship. The prices of our programs depend on a number of factors including the program type, industry, duration and your start/end dates.

The very first step is to complete our quick online Application Form. A member of the placement team will review your application and check if you are eligible and if we see possibilities for placement. If yes, you will provided with a free customised quote and further instructions.


Complete your quick 5 minute Application form


Our placement team will review your requirements

If our team sees possibilities for your application, you will be accepted into our program and have a high likelihood of a placement


Our team will email you within 1-2 business days with a customised price quote.

They may request that you book a compulsory Skype call (at a time that suits you) or will move straight to requesting the deposit


Our application form will only take 5 minutes and is free to fill out. It will give us the basic information we need to see if we can help you and how much it would cost.


“Both Local and International candidates can request a free quote for our programs”