An international internship is always a good idea, especially an internship in New Zealand! New Zealand is known as one of the most beautiful countries on earth and that’s a well-deserved spot. Besides, it is a very safe country with a western culture and many jobs in all different areas. The busiest city is Auckland, where one-third of the total amount of inhabitants of whole New Zealand lives. Here’s what to do around Auckland.


The filming location of the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings movies is absolutely amazing. A must visit. Even if you haven’t seen the movies or you’re not a diehard fan, this is a place worth visiting. It’s fascinating to see how much effort was put into creating Middle Earth with over forty Hobbit holes. Nowadays, there are no Hobbits or filming sessions anymore; it’s only used for tourist purposes. So yes, it’s pretty touristy and expensive but it’s definitely worth it. Read our article about Hobbiton here.

Mount Eden

Mount Eden is a mountain just about forty minutes by foot from the city centre. You’re just walking and suddenly you’re in front of this massive mountain. The views on top of Mount Eden are stunning, you will have a panoramic view over Auckland. Pick one of the many viewpoints to take pictures or have a lovely picnic.


If you get the chance, make sure to visit Rotorua. Three hours away from Auckland by car, this little village is known for the strange mud smell. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it pretty quickly. There are loads of fun activities to do, varying from rafting to the Maori Village and from quiet drinks to long party nights. Student Trips offers this trip, view the Rotorua weekend trip here.

Auckland Harbour

The big harbour of Auckland is very charming and atmospheric. Take a seat, grab those TimTams out of your pocket and enjoy the dynamic city life. So many things to see. People eating, people sleeping, pigeons eating, dogs running, boats, all different kinds of people… plenty to enjoy. A lot of nice restaurants to visit also.

Hiking around the city

If you’re not too hungover, spend a day going on a hike. There are so many hikes to do around Auckland, there’s one for every fitness level and length of time. Have a look at our website for more information.

Just get lost

As we mentioned before, exploring a city is done best by just exploring without a goal. Schedule a day to just walk around and see where the day takes you. Pretty sure you’ll end up with a delicious cup of coffee, scrolling through the stunning pictures of today of amazing buildings and parks. Auckland CBD is not that big so getting lost is quite difficult. Seriously, you just walk and suddenly you’re in front of a beautiful university building or church. You’ll be surprised by the beauty of Auckland.