Nutrition in New Zealand

The New Zealand Internships program provides students and graduates with food science work placements across the country. Being a food science intern involves completing tasks in basic or applied research and development related to food. You will gain knowledge related to the biological and chemical process of food, analyse nutritional contents, discover new food sources and research ways to make processed foods safe and healthy.

Tasks related to Food Science and Nutrition:

  • Establishing low-cost wholesale food production methods
  • Investigating and setting standards for safety and quality
  • Exploring alternative manufacturing methods
  • Producing new food products
  • Working with food production staff including microbiologists, engineers, packaging specialists and buyers
  • Conduct research and experiments to improve the quantity and quality of field crops and farm animals

The perfect work experience candidate:

  • Knowledge of a range of sciences and their applications to food
  • Good business, IT, analytical and numerical abilities
  • Being a confident independent worker
  • Good communication skills
  • Strong team working skills

The work experience will allow you to bring knowledge into a professional work setting and develop your skills through hands-on work in a business environment.

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