Engineering in New Zealand

The best way to gain engineering experience is to complete work experience within a professional engineering company. Work placements in New Zealand’s engineering industry include automotive, chemical, civil, computer engineering, electrical, biomedical and aerospace engineering.

General engineering duties include:

  • Automation Programming (PLC control)
  • Technology Research
  • Design quality, engineered solutions for customers’ needs
  • Design mechanical systems for automation
  • Develop new applications of mechanical components
  • Analyze, indicate and calculate test results in relation to design
  • Prepare documents & reports

An engineering candidate has the opportunity to learn how to implement structures, machines, systems and processes. We also offer research placements in the biotechnology and clean-technology sectors.

Current listings within this industry:

Project Engineer placement


Our company is a leading supplier of optical touch panels and touch-screen components to electronics manufacturers. With accurate, cost-effective solutions designed for easy integration into [...]

Project Engineer placement2022-03-16T19:12:53+12:00
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