Acting in New Zealand

The best way to gain acting experience in the challenging world of acting is to complete a professional placement within the show business. An acting work experience in New Zealand offers the opportunity to work with an international team of actors as well as the opportunity to travel through this beautiful country. New Zealand Internships offers work experience in dancing, theatre and drama performance.

General acting duties include:

  • bringing characters to life to entertain an audience
  • memorizing lines and actions from scripts and perform them in the manner of the character you’re portraying
  • research characters, study script dialogue and rehearse performances
  • confer with other actors and directors as to the emotions, gestures and facial expressions your character might display
  • deliver comedic performances or be required to act, sing and dance

As an acting intern, you will have the opportunity to have close insights into different forms of acting and performance of depicting characters. You will have the opportunity to learn different kinds of dancing, modern dance as well as traditional dancing. The choice is yours!

Current listings within this industry:

Acting position


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