Make your first impression count through a video interview. One of the many things that we have seen during the pandemic is the increase in online interviews. It’s worth understanding how you can make the most of this opportunity.

1. Test your technology

Spare some time before the interview for a technical health check, which includes checking your internet connection is stable. If the interview is taking place via a platform you haven’t used before, you can install it and keep it ready. Ensure you test the video and audio of the software as technology glitches happen from time to time but taking all the necessary steps beforehand helps to save time before your interview starts.

2. Practice makes you confident

Practice for the interview with a friend or a family member or even in front of a mirror. A quick ‘mock interview’ will boost your confidence when the actual interview time comes. This allows you to practice answers to some of the common interview questions and gives you time to strengthen them.

3. Dress for the occasion 

We all know to dress smartly and professionally for a face-to-face interview. However, it’s not any different via a video interview. Dressing appropriately for the occasion will instill confidence in you and set a good impression.

4. Eliminate distractions 

During your video interview keep the distractions at bay as you don’t want to lose your focus with a notification on your phone or your computer screen. Keep your mobile on silent and turn off notifications from other apps on your laptop.

5. Make an extra effort 

A little research about the company and interviewer will go a long way. Striking a casual conversation with the interviewer and connecting with them on personal interests will portray your communication skills and will also make you feel at ease during the whole interview process.