What does an internship mean to you? An internship is an investment in your future. By doing an internship, you’re not only taking a step ahead in your professional career but, you’re also developing and building your personal skills.

Here are the top five reasons why you should do an internship and how it helps you prepare for your career:

  1. Refining your skills: An internship allows you to develop your strengths and weaknesses. During an internship, it’s important to ask for constructive feedback from your supervisors so you can improve and refine your skills. Ensure to ask questions, shadow your colleagues, gain insights, take risks and make the most of your internship experience.
  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone: Internships allow you to put your theoretical knowledge from your studies into practice. It’s also an opportunity to practice skills such as public speaking, giving presentations, or taking part in meetings and suggesting new ideas. Allow yourself to grow personally and professionally in your internship.
  3. Building your network: One of the other advantages of an internship is connecting with your colleagues who are in your preferred industry. Fostering those connections will help you gain references, get advice in your career, and guidance in your professional journey.  
  4. Get your foot in the door in the company of your field: An internship allows you to get real-life experience at a company that is in your preferred industry. Once you’re familiar with your tasks, the team and the internship goes smoothly, there’s always a chance of getting hired at the company.
  5. Gain experience to add to your resume: The ultimate goal of an internship is to gain valuable experience in your preferred industry that you can add to your resume. An internship gives you a varied list of tasks that will broaden your experience and prepare you for applying for jobs in the future.

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