Pinnacles hike – Organised by New Zealand Internships

Join us on this beautiful nature Sunrise Hike that takes us to the top-most peak of the Coromandel. Enjoy spectacular views and spend the night in the newly-renovated DOC cabin located at the top or alternatively spend the night in a tent under the stars! (Limited cabin spaces are available so first come first served)

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A must for all Lord of the Rings fans

For those true fans of Tolkein’s worlds or anyone just looking for a great day out. The film set of Hobbiton is not to be missed.

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Beach BBQ

Eat and drink with other interns

Enjoy an evening down at the beach with your fellow arriving interns with our regularly hosted nighttime BBQ events.

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Pub Crawl

Party and drink with other interns

Experience the Auckland nightlife and club scene with the weekly pubcrawl with discounted drinks and the chance to win great travel prizes.

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