Bay of Islands trip – Organised by New Zealand Internships

The Bay of Islands is a sub-tropical region towards the top of the North Island. This means that the weather is often a few degrees warmer, the water is crystal-clear and the marine life is abundant. Basically, it is the closest thing you’ll get to a “tropical-island” style holiday in New Zealand. This weekend is packed with Dolphin cruises, beaches and forests. Enjoy nature at its best at the Bay of Islands. 

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Pinnacles Hike

Hike to the top of mountains

Climb to the pinnacle of the Coromandel peninsula and be rewarded with epic views and a cosy cabin to spend the night.

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Thermal Wonders

Geyers, Mudpools, Volcano’s

Visit New Zealand’s most active thermal park and see the colourful and unique display of thousands of years of volcanic activity.

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Auckland city tour

Discover NZ’s largest city

Get a sense and appreciation for the city of Auckland with this guided tour. Perfect for those looking to stay or just passing through.

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