Found yourself unable to travel to go to an internship placement?

Don’t worry, we have the perfect programme for you. Remote Internships allows you to carry out work experience in a company, from the comfort of your own home and in the timeframe that suits your availability.

What if you need to go to school, or work another job at the same time? It doesn’t matter… because you are not in the office, you can ensure that you fit the project work around your schedule. As long as you have access to the internet you can work from anywhere

“Companies will be impressed with your initiative to gain international exposure at a time when travel is compromised and it will also start your global networking, at the beginning of your career, something which many established professionals may not be able to boast”.

  • Digital/online skills are the way of the future

  • Get a competitive advantage by improving your employability and career opportunities

  • Improve essential professional skills such as written communication, time management and problem solving without leaving the house

  • Part time or Full time – our programs start from just 10 hours per week.

  • Saves costs such as having to move, commute or buy suitable office clothes

  • Placements take between 4-6 weeks with a 90% placement rate. Apply early.

  • Potential opportunity to also work in the company office



Completely free to Apply

Easy 5-minute online application

A Skype interview can be set up if requested

Our team will assess if we can help


If your application is approved there is a high likelihood of success

You will be given a quote for our Program fee

Place your risk-free deposit so we can begin your search

Safe, secure and money-back guarantee if we we are unable to find you a Remote Internship


Send us your Profile (CV, Cover letter & Photo)

The placement team will match your profile and requirements with those of a companies

An interview (Skype or face-to-face) with a relevant company will be arranged


Following a successful interview, you will be offered an internship position

Both parties will sign a legal agreement that protects your rights as an intern

The remaining Internship program fee’s are owed (Minus the deposit)


Enjoy a pre-remote internship support manual including tips and guidelines on how to work remotely.

Enjoy a remote welcomes orientation done by one of our team members.


Begin your remote internship at your new company

Gain skills, work exposure and improve your CV

Kickstart your career in the right direction with a remote Internship in New Zealand

Are you ready to grab the remote control?

Apply now


Find below a selection of the current internship industries at New Zealand internships. Our team is very experienced in finding customised internships. If you cannot find a suitable industry or vacancy on our website, contact us or sign-up right away so we can begin our customised search, just for you.

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Advertising Internships
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Marketing internships
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Media Internships
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Real Estate internships
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Research internships
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Tourism internships


Your Program includes:

  • Training and coaching, alongside an amazing remote internship
  • CV/resume writing help and templates
  • Interview preparation advice
  • Internship legal agreement to protect your rights as an Intern
  • Designated Internship coordinator
  • Help desk during placement
  • Remote internship manual
  • A completion certificate

If preferred you can request an additional coaching package including 1 to 1 coaching sessions.


To be eligible for our Program you must:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Have Upper intermediate – Advanced English language skills.
  • Have access to a solid internet connection.
  • Skills or a high interest in the industry you would like to do your remote internship in.

Benefits of a remote internship in New Zealand

  • Build a CV that truly stands out from the crowd
  • English speaking country
  • Develop professional skills, identity and real world experience
  • Get a wide variety of duties and responsibilities
  • Create a network of New Zealand business contacts

If you have other commitments which means you are short on time, this can be a way to ensure that you can complete your obligations, but also invest time on your career. It is a way to test the field that you think you would like to work in, and get real-world hands on experience, while working from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Enjoy a risk free experience

  • Designated Internship placement coordinator
  • Internship agreement to protect your legal rights
  • Money back guarantee on your deposit if we fail to find you a placement
  • Internship progress monitoring, feedback sessions and customer service
  • Internship replacement service in the event an internship is cancelled for reasons beyond your control


Please review our frequently asked questions below and if you still have questions unanswered, then please feel free to contact us.

Our motivated and passionate team have organised placements for thousands of successful candidates – all having left with a rewarding and quality overall experience. The stories and feedback we receive can attest to this. The smiling faces in the photos you see on this website are all previous interns.

“It’s not just the internship, it’s also the additional services we offer”

Our program prices start from as little at $795 NZD.

We have additional programs available which will include more 1 on 1 guidance with your preparations and during your placement.

You can request an obligation free quote here.

Just like with our professional internship program, a company will still interview you, and give you a task description if you are successful. You need to commit to the work that they ask you to do, and discuss a time frame of how many hours per week you will be working, and for how long. You will need to manage your time yourself as you will not be confined to the company’s working hours. It can suit your schedule.

You and your supervisor will arrange times to video call and they can give you any support that you need to complete the work that has been asked of you. You can also instant chat and email.

Travel: You can’t go where you want to for your internship because of travel restrictions? Don’t let that stop you doing a placement for a company in New Zealand. Start doing a remote placement, and then travel after the restrictions have been lifted and finish the placement here.

Cost: You do not need to leave your house if you don’t want to! You don’t have to pay to travel to the office, you don’t need to think about what to have for lunch, you don’t need to change out of your Pajamas if you don’t want to…. Well, maybe for the video call with your supervisor!

Time: School taking up too much time? Working full or part time already, just to make some money? Just too much else going on to focus on your career? A remote internship can fit around all of these things. You can work 10, 20, 30 hours per week, and make it fit around the other things that you have committed to.

Work experience: this is still going to look great on your resume! You will build on and improve essential professional skills such as time management, problem solving, teamwork and collaboration. And of course, professional verbal and written communication. Digital/online skills are the way of the future!

New Zealand Internships has been operating in New Zealand since 2007. We have the relationships with the companies already, and they know and trust that we are going to introduce them to enthusiastic and engaged young people, who are going to contribute to their business. Not provide more work, with no return on their time investment.

We will in turn make all the important introductions, provide you with assistance for the interview, guidance for the placement and working remotely.

* If you do not think the company that we have placed you with is a good fit for you, and you have reasons to back this up, then we will try and find a new placement for you.

Organising a remote internship placement usually take 4-6 weeks to arrange because we need to build your profile for you, make sure we understand your requirements, and then approach companies. The match making for the companies and the candidates is very important to ensure the right fit. Please apply with enough time that you don’t need to stress about a deadline.

Please let us know if you have requirements from your school or University to tie in with your placement. We will do our best to accommodate this, but we must know in advance so we can coordinate with a company.

You do not need a visa for a remote placement. However if you intend to come to New Zealand to spend time in the company where you have been placed, then you will need to check you are eligible for a visa.