Real Estate internships in New Zealand

Real Estate internships in New ZealandWould you like to learn more about Finance, Property, Investment and the like? A Real Estate internship is great opportunity to get your foot in the door. The goal of an internship, especially in real estate, is to apply your knowledge which you have acquired in the classroom to real-world situations. Great possibilities and options are open for those who are motivated, possess strong sales skills and show leadership potential.

Tasks related to Real Estate Internships:

  • Assisting with Financing, conducting research on potential investment
  • Assist your team with market research and deal making
  • Perform door-to-door and Telephone surveys
  • Create marketing programs for a variety of product ranges and client groups
  • Collect market data on rent and sales, follow up current marketing and sales activities
  • Work on web reporting and performance of the website and create marketing reports for clients
  • Help in getting new general contractors for new markets in new regions


  • Knowledge in Sales & Marketing (methods for showing, promoting, selling products or services)
  • Strong skills in Customer and Personal Service
  • Knowledge of laws, government regulations, agency rules
  • Excellent communication and speaking skills
  • Ability to persuading others to change their minds or behaviour in a positive way

The internship will allow the student to bring their knowledge into a professional work setting and broaden their knowledge through hands-on application in a business environment.

Available internship positions

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