Hawke’s Bay is one of the sunniest places in New Zealand and therefore the perfect place to grow apples and other fruits. We are a small family owned Apple Orchard Farm with more than 12.000 apple trees that need good care and treatment. We also have some goats, sheep, and horses we take care of. As an intern, you would stay with us in the Farm House which is directly located within the Orchard with a beautiful view on the Hawke’s Bay Hills.

Intern Duties

  • Record information about the condition of the trees and controlling and monitoring its growth
  • Transplant seedlings, dig and plant seeds and take care of it
  • Assist and supervise the harvest process
  • Identify plants, pests, and weeds to determine the selection and application of pesticides and fertilizers

Company Description

Location: Hawke’s Bay
Industry: Orchard Apple Farm
Position: General Assistant
Vacancy code: NZ 4000

How to apply

To apply for an internship via us, please use the “Apply now” link. You will need to complete an online application form. We will email you to acknowledge we have received your interest and let you know the next steps in the application process.

Make sure that you are sincerely interested in the position and will be motivated to perform if hired.