Art Photography Music internships Abroad in New Zealand

Art Photography Music internships Abroad in New Zealand

The first prehistoric painting is dated back about 40.000 years. Also, the first musical instrument that was found, dates back to about the same date.
Since then we have enjoyed expressing our deepest dreams, wishes and feelings in paintings, pictures, words and music. Art is a solid part of our history and has shaped societies we live in today.
The world would not be the same as it is today without it. And right here you have the chance to become a part of this big part of history.

New Zealand Internships offers the rare opportunity to learn more about this field. If you are fascinated by Art, Music or Photography or if you want to express yourself in a different way than most people do then you at the right spot with us.

Whether you prefer to work with Photographers in the fashion area, to do work with paint or to create a nice tune in a music studio we have just the right position for you available

Depending on the area in which you will be an intern in duties may include:


  • contacting and maintaining contacts with clients
  • Working close with artist and assist wherever needed
  • Working for an art gallery or museum


  • Editing music into digital assets
  • Work with national and international performers
  • Work for music-related firms


  • Preparing shooting set in studio or on location
  • Taking photos and working with photo-editing applications
  • Learn about how to use and how to work with light effects and optical illusions

Available internship positions

Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 10
Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 10

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