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Living Expenses New Zealand

The living expenses in New Zealand are comparable to other Western countries. While you will find some things more expensive, you will also find many to be cheaper. Be smart with your budget, take advantage of discounts and engage in the many free events and activities year round in New Zealand.

An Internship abroad is never going to be cheap. If planned well however, you will be surprised how much you can save.

The information below indicates some of the average prices in New Zealand. All prices are mentioned in New Zealand Dollar (NZD) and are current as of 2017 and subject to change.

One-way ticket (covers most of Central Auckland) $3.50
Taxi 1km (normal tariff rates) $2.80
Petrol (1L) $1.80
Standard car rental $80
Rent – Student Housing $185 + $25
Rent – Homestay $235
Rent – Apartment $245
Use of Washing machine or Dryer (1 use) $3
Hostel (shared Dorm) $25-30
Hotel $100+
Loaf of Bread $1
Packet of dried pasta (500g) $2
1L of milk $2.50
12 eggs $7
Peanut Butter Jam/Jar (375g) $2.50
Potatoes (1kg) $4
Beef Mince (1kg) $12
Sushi (1 Piece) $1
Basic meal in an inexpensive restaurant (main course) $12-15
McDonalds Combo $11
Large Pizza (Dominos, Pizza Hut) $5
Cinema $10-15
Gym membership (Student deal, Unlimited) $10-14
Waiheke Island return ferry trip $36
All inclusive weekend trip away $150-300

New Zealand Internships organises regularly weekend and day trips, leaving from Auckland, to some of the best destinations in the North Island. Driver, experienced guide, accommodation and food is included. Please refer to our activities page or visit our website at Student Trips for more pricing information.

Domestic beer in bar $6
Imported/Craft beer $9-11
Box of 12 bottles of beer (supermarket) $20-25
Bottle of wine (750ml) $10

Budgetting your internship in New Zealand

It is important to make a careful budget before coming to New Zealand. Be sure to budget for:

  • Our New Zealand Internship Program Fee
  • Flight ticket (approx $1600 return from Europe)
  • Visa Fee (approx. $175)
  • Insurance (approx. $1 per day)
  • Room rental. Rent per week including utilities (Auckland North Shore – $190; Auckland city centre – $220) Tenancy Bond (approx. $400 It will be refunded at the end of your stay, minus any damages or charges)
  • Cost of living – Food, transport and basic essentials
  • Enough left over to make sure you can take part in the amazing activities New Zealand offers:
    • Bungee & Skydive
    • Zorb or Rafting
    • Diving & Sailing
    • Visit Australia, Fiji or one of the other Islands
    • We organise in-house day and weekend trips away. They are a cost-effective and fun way to take part in all the “must-dos and sees”. Make sure you check out our activities page.