Law & Legal internships in New Zealand

Law & Legal internships in New ZealandA Law and Legal internship offers students an invaluable insight into the professional life of attorneys, lawyers and judges. The intern will work in an environment where professionalism, creativeness, teamwork and responsiveness are paramount. You as an intern will assist the staff in all aspects of litigation, legal research, policy research and the development of public education materials.

Tasks related to Law and Legal Internships:

  • General tasks associated with legal casework
  • Assistance with review of scientific evidence for criminal cases
  • Meeting clients and helping with administrative forms
  • Legal research using libraries and databases
  • Market Research


  • Broad-minded, culturally-sensitive and strong interpersonal skills
  • Good organisation and communication skills
  • Flexible and friendly in dealing with clients
  • Knowledge of New Zealand’s system of justice

The internship will allow the student to bring their knowledge into a professional work setting and broaden their knowledge through hands-on application in a business environment.

Available internship positions

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