Internship Visa New Zealand


It is a requirement that all candidates have a visa that will allow them to complete an internship in New Zealand.

Don’t worry! It is a relatively simple process that can be completed online without too much hassle. If at any point you encounter problems and need advice, we are here to help. Remember though, the application for the visa itself remains your own responsibility.

Please check below to see which visa(s) are all suitable for your internship. The visa you select will depend upon what passport you hold and whether your internship is part of your current studies.

Or, you can fill in our quick 5-minute application form which includes a free visa eligibility test.

Working Holiday Visa

The countries listed below are eligible for a 12 month period to live, intern and work in New Zealand:

Student and Trainee Visa

Is your country not on the Working Holiday list or have you applied for one in the past? You may be eligible for entry if the below apply:

  • Your work experience is directly related to your study or training

  • Your education provider supports your work experience

  • You have a written offer of work from a New Zealand education provider or employer

  • You have enough money to live on while you’re in New Zealand

It is not possible to receive any remuneration under the conditions of this visa.

Local Candidate Eligibility

  • New Zealand Residents or Citizens

  • Australian Residents or Citizens

  • Candidates with an eligible Work Visa

  • Candidates on a Student Visa part time internship for 20 hours/week during term time or full time when they do not have classes