Travel insurance

While New Zealand is a safe country, it is important to know if something goes wrong that you have the right insurance plan. We offer a cost-effective insurance package that is designed to meet the requirements of someone travelling to New Zealand to complete an Internship including;

  • Insurance for office hours within your internship company
  • Liability cover
  • Cover for returning home in the event an immediate family member passes away
  • Cover for NZ specific/hazardous sports; Surfing, Rafting, Skydiving, Bungee, Hiking, Sea Kayaking

*For complete terms and conditions, please refer to the policy wording CareMed Traveler 2018

Insurance from only

2700Per month
  • For unlimited medical coverage in case of accident and acute illness (including New Zealand specific activities; Sky-dive, bungee jump, rafting)


Medical Expenses and hospitalisation in case of injury or acute illness 100%
Family reunion benefit/sick bed visit 100%
Rescue costs € 2,500
In case of invalidity € 40,000
Personal injuries and damage to property € 2,500,000
Theft/damage to luggage € 2,000
Valuables (e.g Photographic equipment, laptops) € 1,000
Rescue Costs € 2,500
Accident salvage, search and rescue charges € 5,000
Medically required patient’s transportation to home country 100%
Social event in Auckland
Events New Zealand Internships
Kiwi Sign Tongariro Crossing weekend trip

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