Internship in New Zealand
October 12, 2017


Company Description

Internship code: NZ 1731 (2)
Location: Auckland
Industry: Hospitality
Position: Room Attendant

Company Profile
From the unrivalled majesty of the rugged Southern Alps to the vibrant life of our major cities, New Zealand’s Heritage Hotels are proud to offer superior, suite-style accommodation in all the country’s major locations.

Intern Duties

General Duties
• To clean rooms, storage areas and corridors as allocated
• To ensure guest supplies and advertising material in bedrooms and bathrooms are replenished
• To ensure the security of keys and guests’ rooms by adherence to laid down procedures, and reporting any suspicious persons or items to the Supervisor
• To understand the correct usage and storage of cleaning agents, and equipment, in line with health and safety regulations and manufacturers’ instructions
• To respond to special requests and VIP rooms
• Assist with regular equipment stocktaking
• To carry out the duties of other housekeeping staff members

Health and Safety Management
• Work in a safe manner, providing a safe workplace to all employees
• Accurate and timely reporting of all hazards, incidents and work-related injuries to your manager
• Participate in any rehabilitation programmes as required
• Participate in Health & Safety committee meetings as required
• Be aware of procedures in the event of emergencies such as fire, bomb, in line with Hotel/Company policy and legislation

• Take initiative to ensure that interactions with our guests are positive and productive
• Take a positive problem-solving approach with issues and concerns
• Ensure a good working relationship with other staff members
• Provide efficient, friendly and professional service to all guests


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