Internship in New Zealand
October 12, 2017


Company Description

Internship code: NZ 1741
Location: Auckland
Number of Employees: 100+
Industry: Hospitality
Position: Food and Beverage Attendant
Remuneration: Minimum wage
Duration: minimum 6 months

Company Profile
The best of our New Zealand Autumn produce is being showcased throughout the new mouth-watering menu at a famous restaurant in Auckland.
The menu is bursting with fresh ingredients and HOMEGROWN flavours – Hawke’s Bay lamb, Wakanui Blue Beef, King Country T-bone steak, Cervena venison, Leigh snapper, Marlborough clams, accompanied with seasonal vegetables such as baby beetroot and silverbeet.
It offers diners more than just superb food – says the Executive Chef. “When you dine at our restaurant, you’ll appreciate that we have gone out of our way to source something distinctive. That’s what dining out is all about – excellent food and a memorable experience.”

Intern Duties

This position is concerned with providing outstanding, responsible and efficient food & beverage service to guests as well as the accurate receipt of money. Each Food & Beverage Attendant is to carry out his / her duties within the limits of established Hotel and local policies, procedures and regulations.

1. Communicates and interacts with guests, ensuring that guests expectations are exceeded
2. To ensure all guests and patrons receive a friendly, warm welcome along with quick and efficient service and prompt attention to providing a memorable experience
3. To attend briefing sessions held before each meal or beverage period covering menu knowledge and promotions
4. To offer each party or client pre-meal drinks, aperitifs, cocktails
5. To ensure tables and chairs are correctly positioned for each meal or beverage service
6. To ensure stations are kept fully stocked, clean and in optimum operational order at all times
7. To assist clients as they are seated
8. To offer menus and wine lists to the clients.
9. To ensure orders are promptly collected from the kitchen/bar when ready and carried to the guests
10. To ensure glasses are filled or cleared away when empty
11. To correctly account for all monies and transactions for the sale of food and beverages.
12. To ensure that no item is taken and served without previously having been posted on the guest’s bill
13. To maintain the security of any outlet keys or cash float signed out.
14. To operate the computer terminal ordering and billing systems as required.
15. To attend and participate in nominated training sessions.
16. To assist other departments
17. Ensures the Assistant Restaurant Manager and the Restaurant Manager are kept fully aware of all relevant feedback from both guests and other departments.


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