Internship in New Zealand
October 21, 2017


Company Description

Internship code: NZ 1797
Location: Auckland
Number of Employees: 4 + part-timers
Industry: Services
Position: Business
Duration: 6 months

Company Profile
Our company offers leadership development training for directors, chief executives and senior management in business and public organisations. Effective Leadership requires self-awareness and the ability to understand and interact with others whilst appreciating differences. It also requires strategic thinking and the capability to develop and work in high performances teams.

Intern Duties

Main responsibility is to manage a number of projects as outlined by the Director.

Such projects over the next six months include:

  • Setting up process manual for quality control
  • Setting up an online learning facility to train new staff (administration) and new Executive Coaches (leadership)
  • Working with Director and web developer to develop an online 360° instrument
  • Collaboration project with University Researchers (NZ or offshore) to collaborate on leadership and executive health research using ISL access to executive data

The candidate will also be working with the Programme Coordinator on general office administration for up to 1-2 hours per day. Administration duties might include:

  • Preparation for leadership programmes
  • Posting information packs
  • Assisting Director with emails, calendar, and travel arrangements
  • Answering phones


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