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When employers are hiring for a role, they will look at each applicant’s CV and try to find all of the elements that they require. But what if everyone has exactly the same qualifications, grades, education level? Then they will look to see what sets each candidate apart from the next. Make your CV stand out from the others.

An internship will help you get ahead of the other people who are looking for jobs in the same field as you, but without any work experience. By doing an internship you will gain real-life experience in a business; putting all of the book and lesson learnt knowledge into practice, and also learning on the job. It is a way to “bridge the gap” between study and work.

This experience might be something that you need to do for school, or it could be a way to see if this is a role that you would like to do in your future. You might find yourself at a crossroads in life, and feel like it is time for a change, but want to have more insight before you commit to starting again. Whatever your motivation behind it, it is certainly something that you will not regret investing your time in.

New Zealand Internships

With over 16 years experience, New Zealand Internships (NZI) has established a quality reputation. We have organised over 6000 internships in almost all academic disciplines for candidates from over 90 countries all over the world. We were New Zealand’s first academic internship provider & are still considered the market leader.

The Internship landscape is constantly evolving; not just in New Zealand – but worldwide. In this industry, as requirements from both students, universities and host organisations shift, it is important to keep ahead of the curve and be ready to facilitate for these changes if and when they happen.

At a country level, we intend to make sure internships are accepted and their real worth is recognised by all. Internships constitute a “bridging of the gap” between study and work. They are valuable opportunities to helping people learn more within their industry, improve their career prospects and give them an understanding of their place within the working world.

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