Nick from Belgium tells the story of his time in New Zealand

Business Internship

“Nick was an intern from Antwerp, Belgium. He did his Internship in business continuity and disaster recovery. His main task during his internship involved making a business continuity plan. This plan was designed to be implemented if something went wrong within the company and to keep it functioning. He had to put plans in place for situations ranging from if a simple system broke down – to if the entire office caught on fire!

What drew Nick to his internship placement was the fact that it was in an area in IT that he knew nothing about, but was eager to learn more. In doing his internship he was lucky enough to discover something he really enjoyed and he has chosen to pursue it in his future career.

His best memory of New Zealand was the Skydive he did at the Bay of Islands, and to sum up his entire New Zealand experience in one word…AWESOME!”


The Netherlands
Internship in Tourism Management

With the help of NZI I was able to choose the tourism industry and it was the best choice I could have made. It’s basically the dream internship; a combination of adventurous activities and educational days in the office.

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Internship in Childhood Education

I did my internship working with children. My colleagues were lovely and I was welcomed warmly and involved in every task. I wanted to do an internship to extend my knowledge and understanding of this area – which I definitely have done.

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United States of America
Internship in Neuroscience

My internship was doing research with stroke patients.  I did a lot of tasks such as ordering equipment, putting together the protocol for the research project, lab set-up and recruiting possible subjects for the study.

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