Michael from Australia tells the story of his time in New Zealand

Logistics Internship

Michael was an intern from Melbourne, Australia. He did his internship as a transport intern in Logistics. A typical day involved organising and work out where incoming goods to his office were to go to next. During his internship hes applied the things he learned during his study, and, more importantly, figured out exactly why he was taught it.

Following his two years of study in a Swedish University, he decided he really wanted to come and see New Zealand. Being an Australian, he realised it was inexcusable for him not to have visited the country right next to his!
His favourite part about New Zealand is the culture; it’s well and good reading about it in magazines, but to actually come here and experience it for himself was great.

His Advice: Don’t be shy – maybe your English isn’t so good or maybe you don’t know anybody, but everybody is in the same situation. Enjoy every moment because once you leave you won’t be wanting to go!


United Kingdom

My tasks involved working with the marketing director to produce marketing material, webpage material and creating a company profile. Being connected with NZI has been very easy to make friends to enjoy the country with.

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The Netherlands

I think New Zealand Internships is a nice agency to work with. You get great value for your money, because everything is in fact arranged for you. Also it is very nice to have a safety net, should something go wrong with your internship.

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My role as Marketing assistant included making a marketing report of the current French market. Outside of my internship, I would often go out with friends I met through NZI and I especially loved to go on all the weekend trips.

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