Marleen from The Netherlands tells the story of her time in New Zealand

Tourism Internship

“The moment I knew I wanted to do my internship in New-Zealand, I looked up the options I had. Because I had not much time until my internship start I wanted to work with an agency. At the Hanze hogeschool they give several information sessions where you can get some information in doing you internship abroad. I found there New Zealand Internships and this company was also recommended by my coordinator. In this way New Zealand Internship became my agency.
I think New Zealand internships is a nice travel agency to work with. You get great value for your money, because everything is in fact arranged for you. Also it is very nice to have a safety net, should something go wrong with your internship.”


Internship in Marketing

My internship was in business continuity and disaster recovery. Tasks included a making a business continuity plan. I was lucky enough to discover something I really enjoyed and have chosen to pursue it for my future career.

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Internship in Human Resources

NZI organise a lot of activities, week end trips, party and dinners. Thanks to them I discovered wonderful places. I got to know Auckland very well; a city with beautiful landscapes and as well as modern, urban areas.

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Internship in Information Technology

I chose to do an internship abroad because of everything I would get out of the experience; Improve my English, social skills and get work experience in an international IT company. No way I could have this fun or learnt this much back home!

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