Jeroen from The Netherlands tells his story of his time in New Zealand

Information Technology Internship

“This is my first time doing an internship abroad, so I didn’t know what kind of things you have to arrange. But then I found New Zealand Internship and they took care of a lot of things and gave me tips on what to do and where I could stay. This really helped me with my internship! So I’m very grateful for that!

I really enjoy the weather here in New Zealand, it’s so nice! Back at home it’s freezing at this time. The people of New Zealand are very nice and kind. On the weekends, I go to the activities of Student Trips with my friends. The activities that I did so far were amazing! I went Rafting in Rotorua and did the Coromandel trip. I have never rafted before so I was very excited to do it! We went on a little hike with the Piha beach and we had an amazing view over the cliffs there.

My internship is going very good. My colleagues are really kind and funny. Over the past 2 weeks, I have already done some projects and finished them with great success. Another intern joined the team last week and he is also from the Netherlands. We will be working on a big project together so that will be a challenge.

At the moment, I haven’t seen a lot of New Zealand but I’m planning to see a lot more. If I have to choose my favourite part so far, I choose Cathedral Cove where we went with the Coromandel trip, because the view was incredible and the weather was fantastic! We went to the Cathedral Cove by kayak, which was a lot of fun.

The Activities I have done so far are the rafting in Rotorua, the Piha beach trip and the Coromandel trip. They were all fantastic. I am planning to go to the Surf Weekend and the Tongariro crossing. I always wanted to go surfing some time so I am glad I am finally going to do it. The Tongariro crossing will be quite a challenge because I never do hikes (because the Netherlands is flat) so I’m curious if I will keep up. In April I’m planning to go to the south island with some friends of mine. We will rent a car and visit a lot of beautiful places.

The first week I got a little sunburned but not that bad. My niece also went to New Zealand last year and she told me that you have to be really careful with the sun as there is a hole in the o-zone layer here. I have made some friends they are also from the Netherlands, we eat and party together. They go to all the activities of StudentTrips.

To the new interns just coming, I would advise them to adjust their bank cards to work in Oceania, because the first week mine didn’t work, that gave me a lot of problems. This was actually the only problem that I had everything else went just fine.”


Internship in Mechanical Engineering

I tried many different roles within the company which I know will be valuable in the future. My colleagues are great and I get help when I need it. My supervisor has a lot of task for me, which has helped me improve my skills.

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The Netherlands
Internship in Business

My internship was focused on my graduation thesis which involved research on how to improve the company and cost analysis. I was able to maintain a good balance of internship tasks and fulfilling study requirements.

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Internship in Logistics

A typical day involved organising and working out where incoming goods go to next. During my internship I applied the things I learned during his study, and, more importantly, figured out exactly why I was taught it.

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