Helene from France tells the story of her time in New Zealand

Mechanical Engineering Internship

My name is Helene, I’m from France next to Paris. I’m studying mechanical engineering.

I work for a civil company and I help the Health & Safety manager and the pricing team. I come along to almost all the sites, so I learn a lot and I can enjoy the sun at the same time.

I decided to come to New Zealand for my internship because I wanted to go somewhere not a lot of French people go for an internship. I wanted to go far from France to have a first real “all by myself” experience. Furthermore I wanted to meet a lot of new people from different cultures.
An internship in New Zealand is a great experience and everyone is really kind. I enjoy my weekends and I learn a lot during the weeks. I have an experience that not all people have and I am so much better in English now.

The service of New Zealand Internships is very good, everything is provided. They help to meet people and answer all questions.


Internship in Mechanical Engineering

I tried many different roles within the company which I know will be valuable in the future. My colleagues are great and I get help when I need it. My supervisor has a lot of task for me, which has helped me improve my skills.

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The Netherlands
Internship in Business

My internship was focused on my graduation thesis which involved research on how to improve the company and cost analysis. I was able to maintain a good balance of internship tasks and fulfilling study requirements.

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Internship in Logistics

A typical day involved organising and working out where incoming goods go to next. During my internship I applied the things I learned during his study, and, more importantly, figured out exactly why I was taught it.

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