Hamran’s Internship experience (Sweden)

Mechanical Engineering Internship

“I have been in New Zealand for three weeks now and it has been great. I have also noticed some differences from my home country, like the weather. It would be very cold in Sweden right now, but when I arrived here it was still summer season in New Zealand. My internship is going great. I have tried different roles in the engineering company which I think would be valuable in the future. My colleagues are great, I get help when I need it and my boss has a lot of tasks for me to handle, which is excellent because I will learn more during my time here.

I would say that surfing is the favourite thing I have done so far. It was the first time I tried it and I would fall off the board a lot but that what makes it so fun when you finally do stand up. I have been on trips with New Zealand internships to Tongariro crossing and surfing in Raglan. I have also planned on going to Thermal Wonderland and Lake Taupo. I have tried L&P biscuits which are out now as a special edition and my favourite Kiwi Phrase I learnt so far is Kia Ora. This is my first time going abroad alone which have its perks – like meeting new interesting people. I have met some German, Dutch and British people I met through the trips organised by New Zealand Internships.

My time here has been great. The fact they organise trips help me to go out, meet new people and explore New Zealand. To the new interns I would say go out, travel, and have fun – enjoy your time here you may regret the things you never did when you were here.”


United Kingdom

My tasks involved working with the marketing director to produce marketing material, webpage material and creating a company profile. Being connected with NZI has been very easy to make friends to enjoy the country with.

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The Netherlands

I think New Zealand Internships is a nice agency to work with. You get great value for your money, because everything is in fact arranged for you. Also it is very nice to have a safety net, should something go wrong with your internship.

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My role as Marketing assistant included making a marketing report of the current French market. Outside of my internship, I would often go out with friends I met through NZI and I especially loved to go on all the weekend trips.

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