It is not only a big step for your child to travel to another country to complete their internship. Often, for the parent it represents the first time their child has spent a significant amount of time away from home. New Zealand is very safe and the internship will be highly beneficial. Rest easy in the knowledge that we here at New Zealand Internships do everything we can to make sure this is so. The most common worries/fears or doubts a parent might have are addressed in the information below.

Our website contains much more information for parents regarding both New Zealand and the Internship’s available. Please feel free to read through it to learn more.

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Why an internship in New Zealand?

From rolling hills to stunning beaches, snow-covered mountain slopes to dense forests – there’s a lot to love about New Zealand! The cities are consistently ranked as some of the most liveable in the world. On top of this, New Zealand is rated the number 1 safest English speaking country in the world. Check out our page on destination New Zealand for more information about our country.

New Zealand is the 4th safest country and the 1st safest English speaking country in the world. In part due to the multicultural nature of New Zealand, people are generally friendly and helpful to visitors.

New Zealand is a place where one can really make a mark on their career. It has a relaxed – yet professional – work environment that is consistently ranked at the top when it comes to the ease of doing business. The country has a stable and globally competitive economy and is among the top 20 countries the world, having experienced positive economic growth for 33 of the last 35 years. An internship in this type of environment is an excellent choice for professional and self development – a way to seperate a person apart from candidates that do not choose to go abroad for their internships.

In New Zealand you are never far from the beach, the mountains, the ocean or the BBQ. When the weekend hits, New Zealand doesn’t disappoint either; with popular activities including rafting, surfing, hiking, kayaking, sailing or skiing.

Why New Zealand Internships?

Candidates travelling to New Zealand can make use of the many useful services we offer. Pre-departure matters including assistance with visa, accommodation, flights, insurance make for a smooth arrival. Services after arrival into the country include include an airport pickup, orientation at our office, social events and a 24/7 help desk.

The safety and security of our interns comes first and foremost. We offer a 24/7 help desk and an emergency phone number to call. We are here to help in any situation- whether it is for support, advice or mediation. Meet our friendly, yet professional team.

At New Zealand Internships we believe in the personal touch. All services are tailored to specific requirements and demands. Our highly motivated team will do everything in its power to meet expectations and satisfy the needs of each and every candidate.

Unsuccessful internships happen very rarely, and, in our Ten years of operation, New Zealand Internships have never been the cause for an intern failing to complete their internship for factors within our control.

An internship abroad – particularly one in New Zealand, will represent a massive opportunity for your child. He/she will be in a foreign and unfamiliar country and despite the many services New Zealand Internships offers to make the Interns experience safe, comfortable and stress-free, they will still need to deal with this in their own individual ways. Invariably, your child will grow and develop emotionally and socially in a remarkably positive way.

New Zealand Internships offers so much more

Our motivated and passionate team, have organised placement’s for thousands of successful candidates – all having left with a rewarding and quality overall experience. The stories and feedback we regularly receive can attest to this. The smiling faces in the photos you see on this website are all previous interns. We are THE internship agency with the best service, best results for our interns.

“It’s not just the internship, it’s also the additional services we offer”

Smooth Arrival

“Taking the stress out of arriving in New Zealand”


Welcomes Orientation

“Useful advice, tips and information on New Zealand”


Social events and activities

“Large Social Network and opportunities to make friends”