It’s super trendy again to go camping! Up for saving money during your internship abroad in New Zealand and going on new adventures? Go camping! Before you rent a car, buy camping stuff, and book a camping spot, here are some things you better know in advance. If you take these tips into account, your camping adventures with your internship in New Zealand will be amazing.

Do not forget these things

  • A warm jacket. While it’s hot during the day in the Summer, at night it can become pretty cold and there’s no heater to keep you warm. So you better bring a warm jacket or two.
  • Sufficient toilet paper. You just don’t want to not have it… simply put a couple pieces of toilet paper in every jacket and pocket.
  • Two lots of cooking stuff. This is especially very useful if you cook separately or if one of you has an allergy. It means you have to bring a bit more stuff but it’s worth it.
  • A torch. Camping do not always have clear light during the night. Your phone works too but you might want to save its battery for pictures and navigation.
  • Good sleeping stuff. Not enough sleep = not enough energy the next day which is something you obviously don’t want. Make sure your sleeping bag matches the climate you’re in, to bring a comfortable pillow, a mattress thick enough to not feel the stones on the ground, and nice pyjama’s.

Prepare for the worst

This might sound negative but when you prepare for the worst, you will appreciate everything that turns out positive. If you have never been camping before, things can get a bit overwhelming. Everything is new and different so by preparing for the worst, you make it easier for yourself.

Set and clarify some rules

Make a list of who’s going to do what – in advance. For example, the one that has been driving all day does not have to cook that night. The one that cooks does not have to do the dishes. You take care of the outside of the tent, I take care of the inside. You put down the table, I fill up the car. Things like that. This is mostly about household related things like cleaning and cooking. But other things to discuss in advance are the time to wake up. You do not want to wake up from the other one’s alarm but you also don’t want to wait for this person for hours.

Make sure nothing touches the tent

If items (like the cool box or a bag) touch the tent from the inside and it starts raining, the tent will go leaking. Make sure there’s some space between the items inside the tent and the tent.

Put your tent pegs at an angle

It makes it ways easier to get them out the next day. Also, do not put them in all that way – this might cost you your nail! But do not leave them out too much either because during the night they are easy to miss. Putting it in at an angle in a way that you see a little triangle, is the way to go.

Practice beforehand

If you get the chance, do a camping trial session before you go on your camping trip. You will discover how to actually put up the tent and what it’s like to sleep in it. It’s way better to do it in your back garden for the first time than in the rain. Trust us on this one.

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