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How it works

Our motivated and passionate team have organised placements for thousands of candidates from across the world – all having left with a rewarding and quality experience. The stories and feedback we receive can attest to this.

“It’s not just the internship, it’s also the additional services we offer”


Completely free to Apply and request an obligation free quote for our internship program.

Easy 5-minute online application

A Skype interview may be arranged if you are an overseas candidate

Our team will assess if we can help


If your application is approved there is a high likelihood of success

You will be given a quote for our Program fee

Place your risk-free deposit so we can begin your search

Safe, secure and money-back guarantee if we we are unable to find an Internship


Send us your Profile (CV, Cover letter & Photo)

The placement team will match your profile and requirements with those of a companies

An interview (Skype, Zoom or face-to-face) with a relevant company will be arranged


Following a successful interview, you will be offered an internship position

Both parties will sign a legal agreement that protects your rights as an intern

The remaining Internship program fee’s are owed (Minus the deposit)


Enjoy full pre-internship preparation support

For our international candidates this includes help with arranging Visa, Accommodation, Flights, Insurance and more…

Come to our office for an Orientation and invites for Activities


Begin your internship work experience at your new company

Gain skills, work exposure and improve your CV

Seriously kickstart your career in the right direction with an Internship New Zealand