Our company is a large institute with acknowledged expertise in biological science, therefore having a key role to play in boosting the productivity of our bio-dependent economy. We are owned by the people of New Zealand, working for the benefit of New Zealand.

Our aim is to create wealth for New Zealand, value for our customers and health and well-being for consumers through science-based discovery, product development, and commercialization.

Intern Duties

We are using a novel species – XXX – the domestic cat as a model to generate new insights about human obesity. Increased incidence of obesity has been linked to the increased intake of dietary carbohydrates and to alterations in gastrointestinal microbiota in both humans and cats. Similarities in the development of obesity-related diseases suggest that the domestic cat is a suitable model to investigate obesity in humans. I aim to understand how gastrointestinal microbiota changes in response to diets and body composition.


  • Extraction of microbiota from faeces and identification using DGGE
  • Working with non-invasive animal models (cats and kittens)
  • General lab skills
  • Glucose/insulin responses

Company Description

Number of Employees: 50+
Industry: Food Science
Position: Food & Technology
Vacancy code: NZ 1818

How to apply

To apply for an internship via us, please use the “Apply now” link. You will need to complete an online application form. We will email you to acknowledge we have received your interest and let you know the next steps in the application process.

Make sure that you are sincerely interested in the position and will be motivated to perform if hired.