Finance internships in New Zealand

Finance internships in New ZealandFinance and Accounting internships provide an intern with hands-on experience and learning opportunities within a professional setting.

The intern will assist their host organisation with accounting, banking, private equity, growth capital, venture capital, finance research analysis, portfolio management, asset management and financial consulting. An accounting or finance internship offers an opportunity to gain experience in the high-stakes finance industry of New Zealand.

The Finance Industry refers to the borrowing and handling of money. Money flow in businesses and investors throughout New Zealand is the lifeblood of the NZ’s economy. The high-stakes and handling of large sums of money create an exciting field for individuals interested in finance.

Internships in finance and accounting may include:

  • Work under the guidance of a senior professional
  • Assist in financial operation plans
  • Preparation of tax schedules
  • Performing basic administrative duties
  • Assist in calculating market risks
  • Monthly journal entries into accounting books
  • Account reconciliation
  • Processing of accounts payable

Available internship positions

Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 11
Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 11
Christchurch, New Zealand Oct, 11
Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 11
Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 11

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