Doing your internship abroad in New Zealand because of Hobbiton? That’s okay, don’t be ashamed, Hobbiton is amazing. If you have never seen a single minute of the Hobbit movies and are not planning to go to the filming location, here’s why you’re wrong. Today, we will take you to the magical world of Middle Earth.

It’s a beautiful spring day in Auckland – not too hot, not too cold, happy birds all around, the sun is shining. Yes, this article is about Hobbiton, just wait a bit longer. So the group collects at Auckland central train station where the bus to Hobbiton will arrive shortly (told you so). There’s no doubt this is the bus as it’s as high as the train station and it says “Hobbiton Bus” in the Hobbiton font. We’re going on an adventure!

The journey to Hobbiton is three hours and there are a million ways to spend this time. Perhaps you can download the movies on your phone to watch them. Or just watch outside the window to enjoy the stunning views that New Zealand has to offer. It’s still early so a mysterious fog covers the massive field with sheep and cows. It sounds less boring than it actually is, just do it.

The bus towards Hobbiton departs from a little Hobbit house. This is actually already truly exciting. Okay, there is not a lot to do apart from having food (picnics, though) or buying souvenirs. Food options include sandwiches and delicious coffee. Souvenirs vary from leather bags to kiwi socks. No Hobbiton souvenirs? Nah ah, the Hobbit house right here and the Shire (souvenir shop at actual Hobbiton) are the only spots to get your Hobbit key ring or card game. Look at the bright sight, your souvenir is exclusive and unique.

You get on another bus that takes you to Hobbiton in half an hour. Insider tip: make sure you claim the seat right behind the bus driver. This spot allows you spectacular views over the valley. The bus driver will entertain you with interesting stories about the area Hobbiton was filmed in. After twenty minutes, gates will open in front of you and this is where the adventure really begins. Well, almost.

A cheerful and humble guide will receive and welcome you and takes you to the start of the tour. Another insider tip: there is a bathroom here that we highly recommend to use as you don’t want to need to pee when you’re in the valley. The first question the guide asks is who has seen the movie. If you have not seen a movie, don’t worry, there will be more people that have not. You are still respected and very welcome to follow the tour. The next question is who has read the books. Spoiler, almost no one has so it’s okay if you haven’t either.

Are you afraid it will be busy as? You will be delighted to hear it’s actually not. They take you into the valley in the group every fifteen minutes which means you don’t have to push to get your pictures and no one will push you hopefully. The guide will tell more interesting stories related to the place you are at Hobbiton. We won’t spoil these stories but make sure to listen. The schedule is well organised but tight and you have to stay close to the guide. Sounds very strict but that’s necessary for the peace and to guarantee you will have amazing photo opportunities.

If you’re reading this article because you want to know all the ins and outs of Hobbiton, that’s a shame. It’s not going to happen, sorry. Why, you’re asking? Because this is something you have to experience by yourself. We won’t tell you fun facts or parts of stories the guide will tell you. We won’t provide you insider tips about the best photo spots. All this will be told during the tour. Okay, one insider tip. Stay close to the guide and become friends with him or her. You’ve got one thing in common (your love for the movies) which should be enough. Your tour guide will give you the best photo opportunities and will even take the pictures if you’re kind. Ask this person anything about the movies to become the Hobbiton expert you’ve always dreamed of.

So the tour through the valley takes approximately two hours. Sad that it’s over but there’s more. You will end the tour in style when having drinks in a real Hobbit café. One free drink, hooray. Exchange experiences, quotes, and pictures with the people on your tour. You will come to realise life’s good but life as a Hobbit is better.

That’s still not it. What did we mention earlier? The souvenir shop! Not going to lie, the products are extremely expensive but then how often are you planning to visit Hobbiton? It’s like a once in a lifetime experience. It’s the only excuse you need to buy the Hobbit spoon or mug. Feeling fancy? Go for the Hobbit scarf or map. There’s a souvenir suitable for every budget.

Darkness covers Middle Earth, night has fallen and it is time to go home. The sun disappears, the sky gets a beautiful pink colour, and the bus is starting to fill up. The Hobbiton bus takes you home the same way as you came here but to be honest, the chances you’re going to fall asleep are quite high. Let’s dream about being a Hobbit, shall we?