Facility Management internships in New Zealand

Facility Management internships in New ZealandLooking for an internship in Facility Management? You’ve come to the right place!

Internships based in Facility Management offer multiple opportunities due to the various industries they’re involved within. Whether you’re interested in event management, organising personal and corporate events, conventions and festivals, entertainment, sporting events, research strategies, facility operations and booking, or another aspect area of the industry, we can cater to your specific requirements and provide you with a specialised internship. Student’s will have the opportunity to expand their interests and work experience by interning within New Zealand’s leading Facility industry.

Facility interns will be provided with a challenging and rewarding work opportunity. Gaining school credit and first-hand work experience, creating a network and establishing contacts are a few beneficial aspects an internship can offer.

Interns could find themselves working alongside a team conducting research on proper hosting facilities, marketing, creating budgets, pre-designing events, security, proposing contracts for business partners, organising catering and rentals, scouting entertainment, filing liability forms, working with city council/government, etc.

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