English Course

For our international candidates where English is not a first language, it is important to have a medium-high level during your internship.
While you will have lots of opportunity to practice your English in everyday life in New Zealand, it might be wise to complete an English Language Course upon arrival. Such a course will “fast track” your progress and get you to a level where you are confident.

As a candidate of our program, we have negotiated for a 15% discount on the entire fee of your English Language Course.

Interns at the office during orientation

Price List

Registration NZD 220
Booking Fee NZD 50
Day School NZD 390
Night School NZD 270

Day School    : 
Monday – Friday, From 9am to 2pm
Night School : Monday – Friday, From 5pm to 9pm

20 teaching hours per week

Entry Requirements

  • Aged 18 and over

  • Must have valid insurance

  • We have classes for all levels of English. A test will be done prior commencing the course to determine your level of English.

Please Contact us to register your interest in the English Course.