Engineering internships in New Zealand

Engineering internships in New ZealandThe best way to gain engineering experience is to complete an internship within a professional engineering company. Internship placements in New Zealand’s engineering industry include automotive, chemical, civil, computer engineering, electrical, biomedical and aerospace engineering.

An engineering intern has the opportunity to learn how to implement structures, machines, systems and processes. We also offer research placements in the biotechnology and clean-technology sectors.

General engineering duties include:

  • Automation Programming (PLC control)
  • Technology Research
  • Design quality, engineered solutions for customer’s needs
  • Design mechanical systems for automation
  • Develop new applications of mechanical components
  • Analyze, indicate and calculate test results in relation to design
  • Prepare documents & reports

Available internship positions

Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 11
South New Zealand, New Zealand Oct, 11
Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 11
Auckland, New Zealand Oct, 11

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