Education internships in New Zealand

Education internships in New ZealandLooking for an internship in Education and/or Teaching areas? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re interested in education, teaching, child psychology/counselling, administration, or another area in this industry, we can cater to your specific requirements and provide you with a specialised internship. Student’s will have the opportunity to expand their interests and work experience by interning within New Zealand’s leading Education and Teaching institutions.

Interns within New Zealand’s Education and Teaching field will be provided with a challenging and rewarding work opportunity. Whether its gaining school credit, first-hand work experience, creating a network and establishing contacts, these are just a few of the many beneficial aspects an internship can offer.

Education & Teaching is instrumental in laying the foundation for another person future. Individual’s in these positions play a vital role in their influence in directing and educating those under their tutelage. An internship within the education and teaching industry will supply the intern with experience in multiple areas including constructive education, grading, general counsel, special and higher education, student aid, elementary and secondary education, one-on-one student teaching, observation, international education administration, public relations, and marketing.

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