Internship and Deposit Guarantee

The next step of our Application Process requires the payment of a deposit. The deposit payment comes with a guarantee to find you the type of internship, you are happy to go ahead with. It is as simple as that.

How does it work:

If we fail to find you an internship before your given deadline (with a minimum duration of 4 weeks from the date we have received your profile*), we will provide you with a refund of the deposit minus a small administration fee, all you have to do is let us know you are no longer interested in going ahead with the internship and we will process your refund.

* We will help you set up your profile once we have received your deposit.

Pay deposit via Credit / Debit Card
Pay deposit via Bank (NZ only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our services include, but are not limited to, all of our initial work in preparation of your internship journey commencing, then assisting you through the application process with a goal to create the perfect profile, the actual placement process (hours of actively contacting companies on your behalf) itself, arranging interviews, supporting you through the interview process. When the placement has been secured managing the paperwork to ensure a smooth and legal placement, then continued support during the placement and a completion certificate at the end. The internship experience is focused on you. We want to assist you with improving your chances of getting the job of your dreams by building your resume. We want you to have an exceptional experience.

* If you are coming from overseas, our team will also assist you with your arrival and accommodation if requested.

Our program fee is only payable once you have accepted an offer from a company you are happy to do an internship with. If we have been unable to find an internship for you on time, the deposit will be refunded (small administration fee applies) and there will be no further cost to you.

Of Course! This is exactly what we cover under our guarantee. If we have not managed to find an internship that you are happy to proceed with, then we don’t feel we have delivered on our guarantee of an exceptional experience and so you will be entitled to a refund on the deposit.

Yes! We understand circumstances change and you may have to push your start date back. You are welcome to change your start date anytime until you have been given an offer from a company or have been invited for an interview.

If you decide to leave the program through no fault of New Zealand Internships, you would not be eligible for a refund. You are, however, more than welcome to change the program start date by up to 12 months, if something has come up and the timing is no longer right.

The interviews that we provide for you, are carefully arranged around the industry and the program location you have opted for in your application and as a result, our offers are for specific industries in specific locations. If you change your mind about either the location, the industry or the type of internship you are looking for, we will have to withdraw your application and ask you to re-apply and go through another interview, which is related to your new preferences.

There a number of situations where it is not possible to get your deposit back:
– You have failed to complete your profile within 3 weeks from when we requested this. Consideration will be given in situations of bereavement, where you have fallen ill, or other similar circumstances.
– You have withdrawn your application without a legitimate reason. Consideration will be given in situations of bereavement, where you have fallen ill, or other similar circumstances.
– You have failed to provide evidence from your University that an Internship we have arranged for you does not meet the University’s requirements. Only applicable if the internship is part of your degree.
– You have failed to keep adequate and timely Contact with us. While we prefer responses within two days, a response later than five days is considered late if no adequate reason for this is offered.
– If somewhere in your application you have provided us with false or misleading information.

Only if you have been quoted a price. The initial deposit is to secure your interest and signal us to begin working on your profile. You are still required to pay the remainder of your Package Price once your Internship placement is confirmed.

In the unfortunate event where our team is unable to secure you an internship placement, a small administration fee will be charged.

This small administration fee of $75 covers not only our PayPal / Banking and handling fees, but also all the support the New Zealand Internships team provides in sourcing and planning the internship, all our preparation work in advance of your program commencing, checking and setting up your profile, the support provided during the application process and the actual placement process (hours of actively contacting companies on your behalf). As you can see, the admin fee will unfortunately not cover all our expenses, but we aim to secure you a placement and if we are unlucky this will come at a loss for us as well. We kindly ask you for your understanding.

We cannot guarantee a paid internship and if you sign up for our program you confirm that you are willing to accept an internship if it’s unpaid.

Unpaid internships are intended to benefit the participant – therefore, interns who join our internship program do not replace regular employees. Rather, it’s typical to shadow and assists under the close supervision of professional staff, who can guide, answer questions, provide professional mentorship and insight into a career path.

Our program participants will receive a personal and professional development learning placement – the internship experience is focused on enhancing your employability skills and building your resume.

*** Our Internship & Deposit guarantee are subject to our Terms and Conditions.