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We welcome the opportunity to partner with new Agents to continue and share in our growth and development. We really value the establishment and maintenance of quality, long term relationships. New Zealand Internships is contracted by many well-respected partner offices overseas, many of which have been partnered with us since the outset. Prospective agencies are required to complete an application process which includes referees checks.


Our company has throughout the years attended many exhibitions across Europe and other countries including;

  • WYSE Work and Volunteer Abroad
  • ICEF
  • New Zealand Education
  • Auckland Education

Our Reputation

For over ten years, New Zealand Internships has established itself as the leading provider of Internship placements across the country. With a focus on the creation of strong relationships within the industry and with educational leaders as well as on the development of its own unique and innovative services, it sets itself apart from the competition.

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