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This page section answers to commonly asked questions from prospective companies looking to take on Interns. If you cannot find your question here, please feel free to contact our New Zealand Internships support team. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you.

An Intern is a tertiary-level international student or graduate willing to work in a temporary position in your company – either as a requirement from their University, or simply to gain valuable work experience. Our provided Interns will be aged 18-30, mostly from Universities across Europe and America and are either in their 3rd, 4th year of their Bachelors or completing their Masters Degree.

The majority of our internships are unpaid. However, some host organisations choose to assist with transport costs to and from work or with contributions towards accommodation expenses. However, this is at the discretion of each and every organisation. Please bare in mind a small weekly stipend will make your job position more attractive to a prospective intern.

We have a range of packages starting from 0$, with varying levels of additional services.

Our interns all have excellent English and are screened for their proficiency. The majority of our Interns come from countries where either it is their native tongue (America, England), or from countries where it is a compulsory language to learn at school from a young age (Europe).

As a prerequisite to their studies they will often require a supervisor who can oversee the general direction of their work. However, our interns are highly self-motivated and competent and thus will only require limited direction. A bi-weekly meeting of half an hour each is advised.

Our goal is to establish interns in companies in positions that are mutually beneficial to both parties. If their is a grievance, dissatisfaction or any other issue with either party, New Zealand Internships is willing to mediate the situation and attempt to reach an agreement. This can be done in a meeting in person or over Skype. In the unlikely event the issue cannot be resolved, it is possible to terminate as per the terms of the contract.

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