The Ultimate Tour for Lord of The Rings fans in Wellington

Be honest: did you choose for an internship abroad in New Zealand because of the Lord of The Rings or Hobbiton? You can tell us the truth as you won’t be the first person. An internship abroad is all about exploring and discovering, which is certainly possible at the Lord of The Rings Tour in Wellington! In a previous blog post, we mentioned a Lord of The Rings tour as one of the reasons to go to Wellington. We will take you to the half day tour around the filming [...]


Surviving a long bus journey in New Zealand

There’s one thing you’ll discover pretty soon during your internship in New Zealand: the distance between places is big! In the cities, it’s not that bad but once you start travelling around New Zealand, you’ll find out travelling by bus is the way to go. It does not have to be that bad, though. Here’s how to survive long bus journeys, for example to Rotorua as mentioned in the Auckland city trip blog post. Bring these items You’ll thank yourself later if you bring; some cash, sleeping pills, paracetamol, tissues, [...]


How to make the most of your city trip

Do you have a holiday during your internship in NZ? Make the most out of it and go for a city trip to another city in New Zealand. We already wrote a blog post about the best things to do during a city trip in Auckland and a blog post about how to get the most out of a Wellington city trip. But here’s how to get an amazing city trip in general. Inspiration: Google, Instagram, and Pinterest There are so many ways to decide what places to visit and [...]


How to avoid a jetlag?

The time difference between your home country and New Zealand can be big and annoying. It’s something you can’t deny. Does that mean you’ll have sleepless nights and exhausting days the first week of your internship in New Zealand? No, surely not. Follow this advice and you’ll be ready for your new rhythm in no time. Start on time, make a plan Make a plan in advance and start applying this, a couple days before your flight. For example, say you live in England. You have a flight on Saturday [...]


The struggle of being an intern abroad: overcoming homesickness

During your internship abroad, homesickness is something that can suddenly hit you. Chances are an internship in New Zealand is hours and hours away from your hometown. Do not underestimate that but on the other hand, do not let it drive you crazy. See whether these tips can help you out. Do not hide it – talk! Almost everyone’s who’s been away from home for a couple months has faced homesickness. To be honest, if you’re not missing a single thing from home, it’s more worrying. The most important is to [...]