What to do in and around Auckland?

An international internship is always a good idea, especially an internship in New Zealand! New Zealand is known as one of the most beautiful countries on earth and that’s a well-deserved spot. Besides, it is a very safe country with a western culture and many jobs in all different areas. The busiest city is Auckland, where one-third of the total amount of inhabitants of whole New Zealand lives. Here’s what to do around Auckland. Hobbiton The filming location of the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings movies is absolutely amazing. A [...]


Feeling like a Hobbit at Hobbiton

Doing your internship abroad in New Zealand because of Hobbiton? That’s okay, don’t be ashamed, Hobbiton is amazing. If you have never seen a single minute of the Hobbit movies and are not planning to go to the filming location, here’s why you’re wrong. Today, we will take you to the magical world of Middle Earth. It’s a beautiful spring day in Auckland – not too hot, not too cold, happy birds all around, the sun is shining. Yes, this article is about Hobbiton, just wait a bit longer. So [...]


How to survive camping?

It’s super trendy again to go camping! Up for saving money during your internship abroad in New Zealand and going on new adventures? Go camping! Before you rent a car, buy camping stuff, and book a camping spot, here are some things you better know in advance. If you take these tips into account, your camping adventures with your internship in New Zealand will be amazing. Do not forget these things A warm jacket. While it’s hot during the day in the Summer, at night it can become pretty cold [...]


Internships NZ: A Perfect Plan for a Wellington City Trip

Are you doing your internship in New Zealand and have you planned to go on a city trip in Wellington already? No? Have a look at our previous article to find out why it should be! Alright, so that’s all sorted. Now, the next step is to make the most of this city trip! Let us explain how to make this the best city trip of your life. Te Papa Museum This museum is what the people from Wellington are super proud of and they have all the right to [...]


Why a city trip in Wellington should be on your list

Internships in New Zealand are often completed in Auckland. Wellington is the capital but Auckland is the most popular and biggest city in New Zealand. Actually, this is not really fair on amazing Wellington! Most of the interns in New Zealand do not know what Wellington has to offer and therefore skip this city. Well, this is why a city trip to Wellington should be on your list. Cheap as: return ticket Auckland to Wellington for $50 Yep, that’s right, a return ticket to Wellington from Auckland for fifty bucks. [...]


The Ultimate Tour for Lord of The Rings fans in Wellington

Be honest: did you choose for an internship abroad in New Zealand because of the Lord of The Rings or Hobbiton? You can tell us the truth as you won’t be the first person. An internship abroad is all about exploring and discovering, which is certainly possible at the Lord of The Rings Tour in Wellington! In a previous blog post, we mentioned a Lord of The Rings tour as one of the reasons to go to Wellington. We will take you to the half day tour around the filming [...]