If you want to gain work experience in sales and assist a passionate sales manager, be sure to become an intern at this company! This company is the Business Support organization behind many different business initiatives.

Intern Duties

Supervised by the sales manager we would be able to offer the following sales/marketing support role:

  • Making calls to create leads from the database to generate interest in all our offerings and follow-up with these
  • Joining the sales manager in meetings with potential clients
  • Assistance in executing the planned sales and marketing plans
  • Contacting exhibitors to encourage them to use our support offerings such as complimentary URL-links & physical tickets
  • Organising and sending mailouts to various target groups
  • Assisting with event management tasks

Company Description

Location: Auckland
Number of Employees: 10
Industry: Services
Position: Assistant Sales Manager
Vacancy code: NZ 1726

How to apply

To apply for an internship via us, please use the “Apply now” link. You will need to complete an online application form. We will email you to acknowledge we have received your interest and let you know the next steps in the application process.

Make sure that you are sincerely interested in the position and will be motivated to perform if hired.