We are a small architectural firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. We currently have 5 people on the team. Our work mainly covers residential houses, commercial developments and community centres. For a small team we work efficiently on numerous projects at once (up to 100 projects in a year). The staff are exposed to all kinds of projects in all fields of architecture. The company offers training to enable staff to produce concept plans, preliminary drawings for clients, building consent and construction drawings. Within 3 to 6 months of training on various jobs, the staff are trained to be able to produce documentation for a complete set of construction documentation. New interns will have the opportunity to learn a vast amount of information over a short period under the supervision of the director and senior staff.

Intern Duties

The intern will be trained and required to:

  • Preparing CAD conceptual plans from sketches provided by the director
  • Prepare preliminary plans for the review of the client
  • Prepare building consent and construction drawings
  • Site visits may be required to survey particular levels or measurements or documenting existing buildings

Candidates will require to:

  • Know how to use Autocad 2007 (fluently)
  • Know how to use Microsoft Windows (fluently)
  • Be able to communicate fluently in English

Company Description

Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Number of Employees: 5
Industry: Architectural Firm
Position: Architect
Duration: 5+ months
Vacancy code: NZ 1800

How to apply

To apply for an internship via us, please use the “Apply now” link. You will need to complete an online application form. We will email you to acknowledge we have received your interest and let you know the next steps in the application process.

Make sure that you are sincerely interested in the position and will be motivated to perform if hired.

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