Advertising internships in New Zealand

Advertising internships in New Zealand

We are specialists in organising Advertising internship placements across multiple industries in New Zealand’s. Interns in the advertising industry are responsible for the promotion of certain brands, products or services to potential costumers.

New Zealand advertising companies use various resources, such as social media and tracking programmes for both internal and external communications to follow, analyse and execute strategies of advertisement.
At an advertising internship, you will be helping ensure messages are consistent with the overall brand while at the same time meeting company standards to promote and maintain the positive image of the organisation. Duties in advertising go hand in hand with those in communication.

Various duties in the communication sector include:

  • preparing budgets and submit an offer of estimates for costs
  • preparing, planning and promoting advertisement material
  • planning, developing and implementing advertisement strategies and promotion campaigns
  • managing advertisement accounts and keeping track of sales
  • identifying new advertisement markets
  • attending to sales meetings, training seminars and consult with clients
  • preparing and negotiating advertising and sales contracts

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